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The Great Debate

~ Calleman vs Jenkins

 28/OCT/2011 VS 21/DEC/2012 End-Time

Susan Lynne Serafina Schwenger aka Seraf'ina says:

" The Great Debate of the 10/28/2011 vs 12/21/2012 End-Time by Carl Johan Calleman & John Major Jenkins ~ This has gone on, for too long !!!

Calleman believes, that 10/28/2011

~ Tone 13, Acension, SUN (AHAU) is right,

while Jenkins believes, that 12/21/2012

~ Tone 4, Stablity SUN (AHAU) is right,

which makes us, pose a question...

what if, both of them, are on the right path,

but, neither one of them,

have yet to determine the right end-date ???

There is NO doubt, we live in interesting times,

a time, when truth, can oft times, be stranger than fiction.

These two remarkable men, have both, put their whole hearts,

along with their souls, into the 'good work',

they both do, and, they have both diligently,

and, eloquently expressed

their beliefs, as, their truths, and, done it,

with the highest eXpression of truth,

which is to operate in love.

Both have been amazing, and, pivotal forces, in this word,

and, have brought people to a point, where many became curious.

It takes a candle, to light another candle, and,

in the process, they have created many inquiring minds,

and, educated many, and, also, added their piece of The Puzzle.

Both of them, have 'lit' the way, to the final discovery of truth,

and, there is NOT anything higher in life, to aspire to do,

than to do remarkable, and, good work.

Both have done it, to be it,

and, both have had to be it, to do it.

There is NO doubt, in our mind,

that both October 28, 2011, and, December 21, 2012,

are pivotal dates, upon the path of discovering,

the truth, and, the real date.

This world is full, of many, who are still asking themselves,

the big question, is it 28 OCT 2011 or 21 DEC 2012 ???

This "2011, or 2012 Phenomenon"

is NOT about to just get swept under a rug,

anymore, than the people who are searching for the answer,

are going to stop, or, sit around like bumps on logs.

For many, the light of night candles, burns deep into the night.

Most, do NOT even begin to fathom, or realize,

what it takes, to be a fore-runner, or, to be a researcher,

and, what it means, to truly hunt for the 'needle' in the haystack.

We respect all people, all the men and, all the women

who have put their energy into this important body of work,

in an attempt to solve this great mystery, as, the sheer force and,

magnitude of that is as powerful, as, it is immense.

I admire, both of them, as, well, as many others,

Ian Xel Lungold, who i crossed paths with in 1999,

along with Wandering Wolf, who is now,

The elected Grandfather of The Guatemalans.

Another person, who has done plenty of good work

also holds another part of the key,

is Dr. Jose Arguelles, Phd, of The Dreamspell.

All of the above men, have been amazing, and, pivotal forces, in this world.

All of them have brought great levels of awareness,

along with significant discoveries,

which have engaged people, and, brought many people to a point,

where they have 'lit' the "torches"

of many, who also possess inquiring minds, and, in the process,

all of them, have 'lit' the way, to the discovery of truth.

There is NOT anything higher in life, to aspire to,

and, I appreciate, I respect, and, I value all of them, and, their work.

There is NO doubt, in our mind,

that both October 28, 2011, along with December 21, 2012,

are pivotal dates, upon the path of discovering,

the truth, and, the real date, through the cycles of the moon.

Is there a way, that everyone, will come out of this,

with both their integrity, along with their intellect, still intact ???

Jenkins has appeared on a History Channel documentary,

making his December 21 2012 presentation, and, it has created quite a stir.

While Calleman, holds to his October 28, 2011, as a fixed date.

Let's face it, The Georgian Calendar, put out in the 16th century,

by a catholic pope, Pope Gregory was designed to lead people,

out of a natural occurring method, of Day-Keeping,

along with Record-Keeping, and, Time-Keeping,

three of the most esteemed functions,

that were assigned to wise men, and, wise women, in the past.

This new calendar, was designed, to turn this whole world,

into a 'TICK/TOCK' ~ 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, charade and, circus.

However, if one takes, and, blends, all of the calendars,

and, utilizes very simple formulas,

along with mathematics, and, advanced mathematics,

and, puts all of that into their hypothesis,

and, extends it, to incorporate,

NOT only proven mathematics,

but, time tested, and, time honoured traditions,

along with cycles of nature, maybe, a scientific theory,

is NOT necessary.

Beliefs, are NOT always proven, to be truths.

Both, October 28, 2011 end date,

along with December 21, 2012 end date,

can be proven to be major stepping stones,

to the discovery of 'real' truth.

The 'real' mystery has NOT been solved by

either Calleman, Jenkins, nor Arguelles

however, all of them are definitely standing upon,

the right 'stepping-stones'.

Another person, has recently entered the picture,

and, they have solved the puzzle.

Through 5 & 13 - along

with the sequencing code of 13-26-39-52-65,

of The Great Transformation

with a start date of 27 MAY 2010

with an end-time of 16 DEC 2013

by Susan Lynne "Serafina" Schwenger aka Seraf'ina

aka The eXchanger

with a great deal of assistance, help, and, support

from Tony Bermanseder aka Abraxasinus

Our research work can be found on
260 Kin thread

Susan Lynne Serafina Schwenger aka SERAF'iNA

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THE END OF THE WORLD, IS IT 2011 ? 2012 ?
OR is the End-Time of all the cycles 16 DEC 2013 ?

With a Start_time of 17 DEC 2013 of the next cycle.
There has been a lot of BUZZ in the air,
about 2011, and, 2012, which leads us to ask,
SO, what is it all about ???

Who are these amasing men, Dr. Calleman, Jenkins, & Dr. Arguelles ???

And, why would they dedicate their lives, to solving the puzzle related to Mayan Day-Keeping ???

Thee Mayan have always operated on an assortment of calenders...

The Maya utilise three different dating styems in parallel.

First there is The Long Count, Second there is The Tzolkin aka The Divine Calendar,

and, Third there is The HAAB aka Civil Caldendar.

EVERYONE, including the world's greatest researchers & scholars,



And, surprisingly, even with computers, no one, has been able to calculate it

It was like looking for the proverbial 'needle' in the 'haystack'.

Is it even possible to tie three calender together, and,

then caliberate them to The Civil Time of The Mayan,

and, go even further, and, align it, with The Greogrian World-Time ???

Until NOW, no one, has been able to successful do this,

Many people are starting to ask themselves, what is 2011, and, 2012 all about.

Many people when asked, simply respond, I do NOT want to know about this,
if the world is ending, i would just rather NOT know anything about it !!!
Many are writing into their local newspapers, and, asking many questions.
Some people, are actually preparing for THE END of THE WORLD.
Some people, are confused, while others are just downright scared.
Children sometimes ask the darnest questions, and, this has both mothers, and, fathers
writing in, to their local newspapers, demanding answers.
Are these 2011, and, 2012 dates, related to doom & gloom,
or, is there another answer, to this mysterious puzzle, NO one seems to be able to solve.
DOES ANYONE, have the 'real' answer ???
IF THE WORLD IS ENDING...then maybe it is better, NOT to know about it.
However, curiousity, has always captured the attention of great men, and, great woman,
even as children, we learn to solve puzzles, riddles, and, enjoy things of a challenging nature.
Why is it, that even The Mayan Day Keepers, and, The Mayan Elders, do NOT know ???
At one time, they were expert day keepers, and, then, one day, they lost all their information.
Taken by those who started to conquer them, as, early as 1200 BCE.
Is, there a danger, of losing track, of how, it is, that you keep track of your time ???
The earth is currently in, a 12th grand cycle, just about to enter The 13th Grand Cycle.
Will the biggest discovery of the past thirteen centuries,
related to day-keeping hinge on this discovery ???
Will this puzzle, ever be solved ???
These are age old questions, and, having a real answer, would help a lot of people to find peace.
If there was ever time, where the answer is needed, that time is NOW.
OR, is the mystery related to Dreamspell, by Arguelles ???
Are there ancient secrets, that once discovered, would give The Mayan,
along with the world, the truth, related to the current cycle, and, also related
to how, The Mayan Day-Keeping was done ???
The Start Time of The 13th Grand Cycle, is coming, but when ???
For a very long time,
men, and, women, been searching for the answer.
so, will the answer, ever be found ???
Susan Lynne "Serafina" Schwenger, a student of The University of Metaphysics, a Doctoral Candidate, ABD, is a native to Canada, and, knows she choose to be born on Turtle Island,
for many reasons.
She was born in the city of Weston, a suburb of Toronto,
in Ontario, on December 27th, 1958, at 15:45pm EST /or 20:45 pm GMT
With a birthday, that falls on a date, very significant to The Mayan,
The first day, of the last five days, known, as 'dead' days.
She knows, she was born on this date, in order to give her curiousity a big stir.
She says, she knows, they were NOT dead days,
but, UAYEB, or VAYEB, marked a very important time of the year.
The date, was the time, of The Annual Medicine Dances, also known to some,
as The Sundance, and, many tribes, had an assortment of different names for this occasion.
The Mayan, measure a day, from the time of sunrise.
On the 27th, day of december, at sunrise,
The Mayan started a 4 day, 4 night - complete fast, no food-and, no water,
til sun-set on the 30th, called The Medicine Dance/or The Sundance.
On the last evening, the sunset of the 30th,
the whole tribe gathered, to sit together, to drum, and, to sing,
and, the fire-keepers, attended the fire,
and, they had an all night ceremony,
that lasted until the sunrise of the 31st of December.
From sun-rise on the 31st, til sun-set,
there was a great ceremony, and, a feast.

Which signalled the start for them, of a new year.
This correct caliberation of The 1300 kin/days cycle
has it flowing through 13 x 100 Kin (or days)
and, it moves through the sequence of
13/26/39/52/65 and, it pins 16 DEC 2013,
as end-time(of cycle) NOT end of the world, NOR the end of time.
It has finally been found,
what The Mayan Elders, did NOT know,
what the leading experts, did NOT know,
was how to calculate, and caliberate all the calenders,
to arrive at the right end-time date!!!
65 AHAU, is the date, that caliberates, all the calenders.
The Start-Time of 27 MAY 2010,
to The End-Time(of cycle) 16 DEC 2013
has allowed the discovery of
The pivotal discovery of finding
The 5 Tzolkin Rounds of 1300 = 65 x 20 =260 x 5
the answer of Susan Lynne Serafina Schwenger
who has just presented her findings
to the world on their website,
and, there is NO doubt,
"May 27/2010 through Dec 16/2013" ~ is the correct answer
there is no doubt, Calleman - 26 AHAU (was on the right path)
there is no doubt, Jenkins - 47 AHAU (was on the right path)
and, even the work of Dr. Jose Arguelles, Phd, of The Dreamspell
shows he was on the right path, he knew part of the secret, related to The Moon.
NONE of THEM, knew the end cycle date.
"The Bermanseder - Schwenger - 65 AHAU of 16 DEC 2013 - End-Time Of The Mayan Cycle"
is, The Needle in The Haystack :)
which connects, all the calendrical cycles.
This is the biggest discovery of the last thirteen centuries,
related to Day-Keeping of The Mayan.
The Discovery occured on 01-02 MAY 2010 ~ in a native american ceremony
in Zephyr, Ontario, with a group of 33, some elders, and, friends.
It brought forward, and, triggered an awareness,

within Susan Lynne Serafina Schwenger,

that was required, to allow her to do the final calculations.

She knows, that the collective conscious of the thirty-three people,

who were in attendance, at this event, was what opened up the door,

to this mammoth discovery.

In ceremony, all sit together, within the ceremony, as one with all.

In The Mayan tribes, as, well as with other tribes

The Four Days/Four Nights, along with The Over Night Ceremonies

are what bring forth, The High Spirit Medicine or Medicines

that shows up, within The Ceremony.

These spiritual medicine, or spiritual medicines

bring forth, the energy, for the alterings, the changings and the shiftings,

that are desired, and, bring about the alternations, the changes, and, the shifts

to create a community, that lives in sync,

with The Teachings of The Grandfathers, and, The Grandmothers.

Ancient sacred rituals, are NOT discussed, NOR filmed,

yet, they fill a need, for their community, and, develop a group of people

who go forward from them, all looking in the same direction.

As Susan, and, Tony started to crunch her data,
almost like magic, the answers magically appeared.
All calculations thru the complete 9,360,000 Kin/Days Cycle,
now, have this series, fitting in perfectly, as well as eXactly,
to the whole cycle.
This discovery brings things, Full Circle,
and, back into The Round, The Original Round
The Answer was sitting in '13' ~ 1300 (13 x 100 Kin/or Days)
where 65 x 20 = 1300 = 260 x 5
The magic is always found, with the root of "13"
The Mayan Tzolkin of 260 Kin has finally been
calibrated to the Civil Calendar,
the unknown, is now, known,
25 MAY 2010 to 16 DEC 2013,
is the biggest discovery in Day-Keeping to date
and, is related to how The Mayan, keep track of their time.
It flows through 13 x 100 Kin (or days)
It moves through the sequence of 13-26-39-52-65
12/16/2013, as end-time(of cycle)
NOT end of the world, or the end of time.
It has been found,
no doubt, Calleman - 26 AHAU (was on the right path)
no doubt, Jenkins - 47 AHAU (was on the right path)
even the work of Dr. Jose Arguelles, Phd, of The Dreamspell
was on the right path.
"The Bermanseder - Schwenger - 65 AHAU - 16 DEC 2013"
is, The Needle in The Haystack :)
which connects, all the cycles
The Light - Encoding of The Discovery which occurred
on 01-02 MAY 2010 ~ in a native american ceremony
in Zephyr, Ontario, with a group of 33, some elders,
and, friends,

it brought about the awareness,

Susan Lynne Serafina Schwenger,

required, to do the final calculations.

Was it, the collective conscious of the thirty-three people,

who were in attendance, at this event, that opened the door,

to this mammoth discovery ?
It shows, that all calculations thru the complete 9,360,000 Kin/Days Cycle,
and, it fits, eXactly into the whole cycle
This discovery brings things, Full Circle,
and, back into The Round, The Original Round
The Answer was in '13' centuries ~ 1300 (13 x 100 Kin/or Days)
The magic is always found, in "13"
The Mayan Tzolkin of 260 Kin has finally been
calibrated to the Civil Calendar,
the unknown, is now, known,
27 MAY 2010 to 16 DEC 2013,
Discovered by: Susan Lynne "SERAFiNA' Schwenger

The Mayan Tzolkin of 260 Kin Calibrated to the Civil Calendar - Thread

at this link

on page 6

The Tzolkin date for 12/16/2013:

Tone: 13 - Ascension, Sun Sign: SUN (AHAU)
( The end of THE cycle)

Welcome to the next cycle - The New World, of Pacha iNTi

Tzolkin date for 12/17/2013:

Tone: 1 - Unity, Sun Sign: Crocodile (IMIX)
( The start of a NEW WORLD & new cycle)
Susan Lynne "SERAFiNA' Schwenger
acknowledges & enters into the records of The Cosmos, the discovery of these dates

12/17/2013 ~ Pacha iNTi - The 13th Grand Cycle
Biggest discovery in 13 centuries, related to decoding, and, solving of
The Mayan Elder Day-Record-Time-Wisdom Keeping System
by native canadian Susan Lynne "Serafina" SCHWENGER aka Seraf'ina
who discovers The End Time of The 12th Grand Cycle,
along with The Start Time of The 13th grand cycle 17 DEC 2013
through science, maths, and, The New, and, The Full Moon Cycles. Ahau 18 Mac

Susan's discovery relates to a greater Mayan calendar synchronized to Tzolkin of 260 day counts
and the Calendar Round of the Haab of 365 days synchronized to the Tzolkin.

These are the lowest number of days, which factor both 260 and 365
and this is the number 18,980 or just under 52 Gregorian (Civil) years
and exactly 52 Haab or Mayan years.

These 52 years so began 52 = 13 x 4 Haab before December 16th, 2013
or precisely 73 Tzolkins before December 16th, 2013;
which is a 13 Ahau date as

The significance so becomes the matching of two 13 Ahau Dates
in the following details of subtracting 52 Haab,
that is a Full Calendar Round of 18,980 Kin
from the alignment with the 45 Full Moons and the 44 New Moons of the 1300 Kin
discovered by Susan Lynne Serafina Schwenger
from May 27th, 2010 to December 17th, 2013
(both Full Moons in Scorpio and Gemini respectively as 1301 Kin/Days).

18,980 Kin/Days=52 Haab=14,400+4580=2x7200+229x20=2x7200+12x360+1 Tzolkin=2 Katun+12 Tun+1 Tzolkin 52 Haab=18,980 Kin=2 Katun + 13 Tun - 100 Kin=2 Katun + 12 Tun - 1 Tzolkin (260 days) - - 260 = - + 100 = - + =(13-1).(19-2).(19+1-12).0.0 + = = December 29th, 1961=13 Ahau 18 Mac

The Calibration for All possible Calendars so assumes the form of adding
a Cosmic Calendar Round in 360 Degrees to the Birthday date of = December 21st, 2012
As this date then completes the final Haab in the final Long Count of the last of 13 Baktuns
and the 65th of the 'precessional' baktun/kin count;
the Mayan End date indeed signifies the 'End of Time' as previously known.

All calendars, including the native-indigenous ones
and the time-click-event duration mechanical ones
(Scientific from Gregorian-Civil and Julian from solar-lunar season time keepings)
become reset in the Circularization of Linear 'ticking clocks' of any kind, metaphysical, calculative-mechanical or phenomenal.

This process then is calibrated to define NOW-Time as the Instanton of Creation
and the birth of spacetimed and metric cosmologies via the wormhole parameter
embodied in the logistical statement E*e*=1 for wormhole frequency f*=3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Hertz* or
(inverted cosmic seconds - independent from any measurement system).

September 18th, 1618 = = 5 Ahau 13 Zotz

November 1st, 1953 = = 10 Ahau 18 Yax

September 20th, 1961 = = 4 Ahau 18 Mol

October 10th, 1961 = = 11 Ahau 18 Chuen

October 30th, 1961 = = 5 Ahau 18 Yax

November 19th, 1961 = = 12 Ahau 18 Zac

December 9th, 1961 = = 6 Ahau 18 Mac

December 29th, 1961 = = 13 Ahau 18 Mac

July 19th, 1973 = = 8 Ahau 18 Cec

April 5th, 1993 = = 6 Ahau 3 Vayeb

December 21st, 2012 = = 4 Ahau 3 Kankin

December 16th, 2013 = = 13 Ahau 18 Mac

The transformation of a type of cosmic civilisation like that of the 'old humanity' residing
on planet earth into a evolved cosmic civilisation,
say a 'new humanity' inhabiting a terraformed planet earth requires
a period of transitional evolutionary adaptation.

This can be compared to the metamorphosis of the butterfly genus/family;
order lepidoptera; class insecta; phylum arthropoda; kingdom animalia
from the four stages of embryo-larvae-pupa-imago
from the caterpillar-larvae stage into the butterfly-imago stage
via the transit stage of the pupa-chrysalis ergo the cocoonisation of the caterpillar insectoid.
In the form of the genus homo, the subspecies homo sapiens sapiens
can be modelled to have entered the embryonic stage with the advent of Cro Magnon Man
so 26,000 (civil) years ago.

Using 400 year intervals of 146,097 days under utility of a a certain calendrical counting of time ;
the embryonic conception can be 'dated' to an extrapolated calendrical date
of Saturday, 21 February 23,615BC-G
and precisely 9,360,008 days
(and a precessional daycount as 25,626.83149 Gregorian years)
from Friday,21 December2 012AD in a week count of 1,337,144.

The Julian day count began on January 1st 4713 BC-Julian
and the Gregorian day count of 365.2425 days per year commenced on October 5th, 1582,
replacing the Julian year of 365.25 days. A Mean Tropical Year has 365.24219 days
and where a mean solar day has precisely 24 x 3600=86,400 SI seconds.

The Tropical Year is referential to the seasons (equinoxes and solstices)
and differs from the star-referential Sidereal Year in the day addendum 1/26000 or 1.0000385
of so 1225 seconds (20.41 minutes) per year and which accumulate to about 368.5 mean days
(and so about a year) per precessional cycle.

Due to orbital- and rotational changes and precession a year is decreasing
at the present astronomical configuration by about 5 milliseconds/year or
130 seconds or so 2 minutes in a 26,000 precessional cycle.

The Gregorian year of 365.2425 days differs from the tropical year of 365.24219 days
and so the Gregorian calendar will accumulate an error of about 0.00031 x 26,000
~8.1 days per precessional cycle.

To account for this, a 'creation-initialisation week of 8 days'
is added to the 64 cycles in 9792+8=9,800=7 x 1,400=7 x 7 x 200=8 x 52 x 72=2(22x52x72)=2 x 702
in the 13 x 5 x 144,000=9,360,000 (Mayan) day-kin count,
which so begins on the superposed and extrapolated Gregorian Day (G)

Day#-7=Saturday,21 February 23,615BC-G and becomes mirrored in the 7th day

Day#7=Saturday,07 March2 3,615BC-G for the Conception of the human Embryo
to be born from its Chrysalis 64 cycles later.

The first cycle is initiated on Day#9,792=Friday,21 December 23,589BC-G
and the last and 64th cycle is initiated on Day#9,213,903=Friday,21 December 1612AD
-Gregorian and ends precisely 146,097 days or 400 Gregorian years later on Friday, 21 December 2012AD
to commence a now precessional count in the birth of the Imago of the ancient human Embryo
established by the beginning of the first cycle.

The 12th Grand Cycle end time 16 DEC 2013

The 13th Grand Cycle start time 17 DEC 2013

In the Honour and Love of the DragonHeart Tonyblue and Susan Lynne Serafina Schwenger

We are:
Susan Lynne "Serafina" Schwenger aka Seraf'ina
Doctoral Candiate, ABD, Metaphysics, Student of University of Sedona, AZ (USA)
Msc.D ~ Doctor of Metaphysics ~ Doctorate in Metaphysics 2006-2010
Harmonizer of Indigenous Culture
with Modern Precepts of Pythagorean Perennial Philosophy

The Unicorn, SSS (57) of The Office of The Plumed Serpent ~ KuKulKan
in The Mode of Cosmic Healer in The Ancient Order of Eagle
in The Mode of The eXchanger in The Ancient Order of Condor
in The Mode of Cosmic Weaver in The Star Spider Women Clan
in The Mode of Dragon Master / Dragon Rider in The Star Dragon - Serpent Clan

Putting my prediction out there. "The Time of Great Darkness" will be 2019. Remember, I said it first, Rebecca Goff.

Between now and 2017 there will be much light and "information" available for growth. Take advantage of this time. 


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