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I am of course back in Brasil and doing good . I miss every one out there on World Viewz, I continue to travel the globe and spread the word of Native Wisdom and prophesy. I am currently at Reo + 20 opening day for the youth from around the world. It is great to see our young generation pick up the ball where we left off or in some cases dropped it. I have taken many of your advises and started writing my book. Seeds of Destiny, the Vernon Foster story Thanks for the insperation and encouragement. Well  alot is happening Will get back later with more news enjoy the new photos and blessings to you all LV V,

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Dear Vernon, So happy to get in touch with you again after such long time...I was not visiting WW as I suppose I just got busy with so many other things. And... I lost somewhere your mail and other contacts. Any way, good to be back here again for you. 

Just after a quick look I see that you were travelling a lot since 2009, our last meeting. Good for you, I guess :) Maybe you would like to visit us in Poland :) Actually, we are not so much in Poland as we were building the ayurveda (Indian natural holistic way of healing, an ancient medicine from ab 5000 years back, derived from India) retreat ISIS AYURVEDA RETREAT. You can check it out on

Happy to hear that you are deciding about your book, I'd love to read it. 

I'd love to hear from you. I need to go now so I come back later to you hopeing to find your message. You can write to me directly on or

Here is my tel no 0048 502603171.

Sending You my Love and Respect and very sunny vib's from Poland :)

Izabella Demozzi Isis

hey sorry for the delay in reply, I have just returned to Europe and would like to speak to you or forward my contact person for Europe  to see if we can  set some thing up there. Hope all is well and going good for you will talk soon my skype is vbilly4 talk soon V.


Well it has really been a long time but I am back and hope to stay this time, a lot of new adventures. Hope your still with me.

I am currently in Croatia but returning to states, in April I would be interested in reconnecting with every one.


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