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This message was originally intended solely as a call for advice and wisdom from Joseph GreyWolf, initiated by a statement made by him in a recent programme concerning the element of water and its ability to impede the movement of spirits. I would now like to throw this open to the general forum at World ViewsZ, hoping that someone can help me, maybe even Joseph himself ?!

It will probably appeal to someone who has already got a background in the study of water and spirits / outer body entities!

BACKGROUND ;- My colleague and I, have for the past seven years now, been researching the extremely mysterious and very ancient site at Abydos, called the Osireion.

Amongst its related myths, is that it is rumoured to have been the repository for the head of the God King Osiris after his brother Set had cut him into pieces. It may also be the site of the re-animation of his body by his sister-wife Isis !

This huge subterranean building has an artificial island at its centre surrounded by a moat containing sacred waters. So far my studies have hinted at the involvement in all likelihood of a sacred spring or springs, healing negative Ions & Piezo electrical charges.

So what we have is a very sacred stone island situated within scared waters, enclosed within a massive stone skin !

My question or query is as Mr GreyWolf stated if water stops spirits from travelling, "What was the purpose of the Osireion moat and overall structure ?"

To protect?, To imprison ? To contain ? To heal ?

As you can imagine, this subject is so vast that I am unable to give you all available data here, but I would be happy to reply to any questions in relation to the Osireion and this enigma's.

I will try me very best to answer them in an attempt to help you investigate this enigma with me and maybe offer me some solutions to this problem.

I have attached a collection of Osireion images plus various quotes ref water, spirit travel and the otherworld ! It is in "Paint" format, free to download to anyone who does not already have it !

Well, that's all for now folks, I hope I have covered everything.

I really do hope someone out there is able to offer me some advice and guidance and maybe we can find a solution to the enigma that is the Osireion.

Take care and Bwell !







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