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Kia Ora - Greetings
This week my good friend and business partner Hirini Reedy launched our first co-written ebook called The Maori Haka: A Total Transformation System for Mind, Body and Spirit. It shares insights to a powerful discipline that we feel can help people move through the many challenges that face humanity at this time. As Maori Hirini and I still retain a deep connection to our ancient traditions, and share how we integrate these into a modern lifestyle without compromising the authenticity, essence or the heart. To learn more go to For those who read and follow up on the activities presented, we look forward to your sharing at this site.

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Kia Ora Ruth
Thank you for share with us.
I remember how powerful the Haka is.
Aroha tino nui
Mayte 8
Kia Ora Mayte
It's always good to hear from you as you dance your own haka to help you move forward.

Much Aroha


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