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I hope this finds every well and in good spirits, I am currently in Croatia, just left Romania. This last few years have bean busy, I have traveled to many places in Europe meeting some wonderful people and cultures. This has been so rewarding sharing the history of Native people that are so much different then the people home. The villages are still intact and so much to learn about the true European people. I am returning to the States to share a little about what it was like for a Native American man to be in Europe.Great new stories of a new adventure in this mans life. 

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wow.. how honourable your work is.. carrying your light and integruty with you.. many blessings from the other side of theowlr don your path


I have just taken part in an INIPI Ceremony with James Robideau, President of Medicine Wheel Healing Community, a medicine man from the Lakota tradition. They are looking for help for their youth. I leave you their web an email in case you can join efforts. For all the relations, Maria 


my heart goes out to our sis/bro of all indigenous tribes.  as all are needed physical and non.  it is all that i can do to hope, pray, meditate and know that Mother Earth will prevail ..  Much luv on your journey.  1luv :)


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