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Well it has been a while since I visited my page hope you are all still out there. I have been to Europe twice and Brazil several times. Still doing the worktrtying to ddo whats good for every one. I will be here in Brazil tiljune and. Working the Red Road. If amy one  wants  to sponcer me to your area, more then willing to go , need to get the word out of prophesy and  what we need to do to follow the path. I will try to be more dedicated in staying with the flow of world viewz and keep current my happenings, so for now I will close and hope to hear from all. LV. V

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wow.. how honourable your work is.. carrying your light and integruty with you.. many blessings from the other side of theowlr don your path


I have just taken part in an INIPI Ceremony with James Robideau, President of Medicine Wheel Healing Community, a medicine man from the Lakota tradition. They are looking for help for their youth. I leave you their web an email in case you can join efforts. For all the relations, Maria 


my heart goes out to our sis/bro of all indigenous tribes.  as all are needed physical and non.  it is all that i can do to hope, pray, meditate and know that Mother Earth will prevail ..  Much luv on your journey.  1luv :)


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