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This is the Shannon Pot- the Mother Source of the RIVER SHANNON IN IRELAND...... The previous week, the previous day, our weather was abominable. We're usually quite mild, a bit cold in the winter, frosty at night but during the first week of February we had hail the size of apples and black, black days. Feb.1st is our spring. It's Imbolc and its Brigid's Day.It was also the day designated to begin ceremonies for the waters of the Ireland. The Shannon Pot in County Cavan was the natural first choice. The College of Sound Healing Ireland assembled and invited everyone throughout the country to participate.The response was delightful, extraordinary and full of surprises. From the connection in social media IX-EL Inc. Light-Life Technology contacted the group and donated a Lost Cubit Agricultural Harmonizer to assist the new frequency brought about through sound and intention. NO ONE IN THE GROUP KNEW WHAT THIS TOOL WAS!!! ( except for me ..sure ya fool an O'Toole ... In fairness, I have been following the work of Slim Spurling since 2000 so when the main organiser called to introduce herself and upon finding out that I live minutes away from the Shannon Pot and as she hear me flip my gourd at the gift of the Harmonizer, it was decided that I would the Keeper of the Ring and cleanse the Harmonizer on a monthly basis.................So when the Harmonizer was place on Saturday 31st January the weather was filthy. But on Sunday, Feb 1st, she was so bright... it was such pleasure to be there outside standing around a small pool of water, facing north while the sun warmed our backs. Often we turned to the sun to kiss our eyes and when I came my face had a rosy glow. It was a sunny face, not red from the blistery winds but warmed but the sun. I have everyone and every elemental top thank for that!

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