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I was sitting out in nature yesterday, before my meditation thinking about some seriously troublesome emails I read the day before, about our country and their fear-based solutions for survival. I am grateful to know what others are feeling so I can direct my prayers; still so much fear/anger in the quest for freedom and peace is not the answer. My thoughts lead me to feel the love that needs to be placed here, focusing on what I/we choose to create now for our new Earth, not what fear and victim consciousness creates. Just as I thought this, two Wrens flew into my medicine wheel before me, one landed on the Center stones and one landed on the West stones, knocking them over. I replaced them with intention for Peace ... Freedom… Heaven on Earth.

The Wren is the most sacred bird to the Druids. A Scottish story tells of how it was favored over the Eagle due to its small size and cunning wit, the Wren hid in the Eagles wings in a competition to fly the highest and be king. He is small and unobtrusive, the shaman can use the invisible power of the Wren and enter worlds that bigger people can’t and save his/her energy in reaching their higher destination.

Last night I dreamed of the Wren all night long. The message from this precious Deva was to share its medicine with others. Find the elusive wisdom and Divinity within all life and use this wisdom to soar to our desired destination, unfettered. Now is the time to listen to our own inner wise soul, our hearts and stay focused on our desired New Earth.

The Wren landing on the West stones spoke to me of remembering our power of intuition without linear reasoning and finding our answers within. The Wren landing on the Center stones spoke to me of our own personal Center and the Infinite Life Force making all things possible. In this space of the Divine Void we are able to open our Heart communication, feel this Love and share it as the Kings and Queens that we are with the Universe. Unified with the One we are Invincible Beings of Light in Creation. Let us create with our Divine Hearts and command the gentle transformation of all fears… Love is stronger than fear... and So It IS…I love you… Blessings… Cher Lyn

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