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Coming Full Moon August 6th 1:56 London GMT

This Full Moon will take place August 6^th 01:56 a.m. London
time -- please adjust your respective local time).

Capricorn was the last Full Moon -- this time we have a
Aquarius Full Moon. Now this means a lot of change -- as if
we had not already enough of this. Well many people are
talking about the Aquarius age -- so you have the opportunity
to connect with that energy during this Full Moon meditation.
Uranus (as planet that belongs to Aquarius) might be described
as a satellite that looks from space to Mother Earth what is
going on there -- and you will all see a lot.

The planet Jupiter goes along with the Full Moon (Jupiter makes
a conjunction with the Moon). During the meditation you might
do a long journey and get a vision how it should be (for you --
and the entire human race as Michael J. sung in one of his songs).

Neptun and Chiron are also not that far away from the Moon. So
this gives the opportunity to an opening of your consciousness
and connect to things that do not belong to our "normal"
3D-world -- something that might become familiar anyhow in the
coming years. So those of you that are metaphysically talented
might have an amazing Full Moon time.

I am looking forward to meeting many of you in NewZealand
in a couple of days.

Love and hugs



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