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Discernment-The Most Important Spiritual Gift?

Love and Blessings to All!!
We are so bombarded with information coming from everywhere; up, down, t.v., radio, books, articles, speakers, workshops, retreats, spirit guides, daemons, angels, gods, godesses, devas (orishas), God, Gaia! Whew!

We have been given a very, very important spiritual gift; discernment. Sometimes, it seems as if that gift gets lost among other psychic/spiritual gifts. It is hard to compete with some of the more dramatic experiences we as healers, artists, creators, and mystics have in any given day!

Ultimately it is Truth that we seek. Truth flows into our being from living heart centered love. It is the only place where truth can exist; in the Heart. We must conciously spend time each day centering in our heart. Grounding, breathing, allowing, surrounding in light, are all fairly common among meditations. What I do not often experience as commonplace among many practitioners is tuning into our heart centered love space.

When we do not live from our hearts, we are open to many different influences and energies. Some of these energetic forms are quite unpleasant, and tend to be insidious. Too often, we forget, we are distracted, we are overloaded with information, and we lose focus. When we are distracted our ability to discern light from dark, truth from lies gets blurry. Just like in the popular children's move "Finding Nemo" Dori is distracted off her journey by "shiny" objects!!
Of course that may resonate with me because my birth name is Dori, or it may resonate because throughout my life, at times I have been distracted by "shiny" things. New this, new that, new meditations, new, new, new!

Nothing much is new. What has always been, and what always will be is Truth. Truth and Love. Love guides you to Truth. What is not done from our highest place of Love, is deception.

Beware of false prophets. Do they present to you from love, and then do things that are not loving? Do they respect you, your ways? Do they polarize things? Do they offer light and not center in the heart? If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...and has a bad smell, it might be a "deceptive" duck.

Many will be called, few will be chosen. Many are awakening. When they "wake up" do they want to walk in love? Or want to deceive you? Power up your spiritual gift of discernment, it may be the most important gift you have!
Love and Blessings!
Howling Woman

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