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Faces~Phases of the Moon by Hirini Reedy

Kia ora & hi there, Recently I sent an email talking about shifting the mind into empowered states. Remember Mind SHFTS? See+Hear+Feel+Taste+Smell. In your memories, you can recall SHFTS that can give you power and energy. Now we must be able to channel and apply that energy into movements, tactics and strategies that give us the best chance of success. One way is to use the faces or phases of the Moon to guide and guard ourselves in times of crisis. Here is a couple of Moon strategies to alert, avoid and deflect threats and unwanted attention. New Moon Strategy. This is one of awareness and avoidance. Just like the new moon is still present in the sky yet she is in shadow and invisble to us. Essentially your sixth sense tells you that danger is up ahead. So you avoid it. Simple. Read the signs. Hair rising. Tight gut feeling. A shadow of a doubt. These are all sixth sense feelings. Add them together to get an accurate fix. Then make yourself invisible and untouched. Run away. Why stay and fight if you can avoid it? Your ego will tell you to fight. You must practice getting your ego under control. Rising Moon Strategy. Your strength is a strong, calculating mind hidden beneath a non-threatening, unassuming physical surface. You might be full of smiles that deflect the aggressive overtures of your opponent. You consciously give ground and feign weakness until you have your enemy in a vulnerable position. You use confusion, deception, deflection, misdirection and anonymity as your allies. Remember a sharp mind can cut through thick muscle. At a higher level, you seek to negate the enemy strength through smart thinking. You have identified their weaknesses physically, emotionally, culturally and spiritually. You choose the battlegrounds in which to engage your enemy and exploit these many weaknesses. You lead them into ambushes or equivalent where their strengths are negated. In this strategy the enemy is often over-confident, cocky and under-estimates you. In a way, you are like a smiling assassin. Very ordinary and unthreatening on top, very calculating and explosive underneath. Thank you, Hirini PS. If you want to learn more about the Moon strategies than you can find out more over here.

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Comment by Alina on December 4, 2010 at 1:25pm
спасибо thank you
Comment by Rick Lee Reed on September 11, 2009 at 6:12pm
I know nothing about the author you speak of but I have seen the individual who actually contols the moon. It is very tall and is dressed in all black and the most distinguishable trait is that as it gets more in control of it the hands of the being get brighter. He or She needs help from several other beings in concert with it.
Comment by Howling Woman on April 11, 2009 at 12:22am
So, you are storyteller as well. Can all men wear lots of green leaves to offset their gas? Just wondering...and of course just kidding, LOL I like the pipe thing, very creative, being a kid is great, isn't it?
Howling Woman
Comment by Hirini R on April 10, 2009 at 10:09pm
Perhaps I am Prometheus turned Black Dragon because I burnt myself black trying to smoke and puff on Zeus's sacred pipe. Then when he caught me I threw the pipe away and tried hold the smoke in my lungs. Meanwhile the pipe set the whole world on fire and I turned red then blue then black as I held my breath for 10000 years. Within the last 100 years I had to take a breath but sorry I released all this carbon gas into the atmosphere. So I am wearing lots of green leaves to offset all my gas. Hence you will see lots of black dragons trying to turn into green crusaders. Hmmm, not sure where this is all going? Ah well it makes me smile like a kid doing creative writing...
Comment by Howling Woman on April 5, 2009 at 4:36pm
Oh Robert! Hirini's post has acted like the spark which ignites the glorious fire of the Sun

Perhaps Hirini was Prometheus in one of his former lives! He has brought us fire!
Love, and Blessings!
Howling Woman
Comment by Robert Dakota on April 5, 2009 at 12:37pm
Many Thanks beautiful People,
This is precisely the kind of interaction I have dreamed could be possible.
During my years when I was traveling and staying in youth hostels I met people from all over the world
sharing their differences and found that it was very exciting to revel as well as honor the diversity in cultures so that our differences become our strengths. So our reflections to each other become our greatest teachers, so our continuity within honest introspection benefits all.

All the best
Comment by Hirini R on April 5, 2009 at 5:47am
I suppose there are no accidents. This post was meant to be here. For whatever reason. We have all learnt more than words. Perhaps how to disarm the Black Dragon and find the hidden treasure??
PS. Maybe Black Dragon could take a course in cross-cultural communication and contextual vocabulary. Gah!
Comment by Renate on April 4, 2009 at 8:52pm
My dear friends here at worldviews,
thank you all for touching this interesting chapter is being human.
May I just add a pictures that arises in me: when we divine beings go to be human our light is broken like the sun-light is broken when it falls to a prisma and comes out seen in the rainbow colours as a band of all the different frequencies. So is our divine light broken and comes out in all possible frequencies.
We experience our beingness in these different frequencies, the main part of people may them experience one ofter another. When we have learned to face us in the wide range and summation of these different frequencies we will be more stabile when we step forward to express our divinity.
I never in my life have met better masters in this chapter than my spiritual friends from Maori culture. Thank you, my beloved friend Hirini, for showing up as a master in the discipline of riding the range of energies. You demonstrated me the worth of each single frequency and you gave me impulses to be conscious to use with benefit to my greater beingness of LOVE the whole spectrum of human energy frequencies.
My culture has a bigger background in avoiding to face all energiy-frequencies. How often may it happen that deep inside there arises the emotion of a frequency that our culture has banned, and then not knowing about all the energies, their worth in summation, one has to bring the case into the outer world to face it.
Love and light
Comment by Howling Woman on April 4, 2009 at 12:46pm
Dear Hirini, Robert, Clem and Pat and others who have looked upon this post;
It is true the Warrior spirit archetype is one, as shamans we must co-exist with, and call upon in times of great need. I agree with Clem, there are no apologies needed as we all speak from our own truth. Perhaps I misunderstood what Hirini was offering, it was not my intention to make his words into poison. A Warrior I am, as you may see by my profile, as are all who are here at WorldviewZ in one way or another. Battling dark forces is something that I was forced to become accustomed to in my life, as many indecent things were perpetuated upon me in my early years. It was this Warrior that came to my aide and embracing it, has given me the power to live a beautiful, magical, miraculous life! More women do need to embrace the Warrior, but sometimes for injured souls it is difficult to distinguish dark from light, hence my posting last month on discernment, it is not something that should be taken lightly, or entered into without the proper teacher. I believe you Robert that Hirini is just such a teacher for those that are fortunate enough to work closely with him, he probably helps many ascend the darkness of fear, manipulation and victimization through the Divine Warrior, for this; many blessings! I apologize if it seemed I was being unfair, or polarizing as I am walking the path of integration, and with that path come the dark entities that seem to slip in, still and unnoticed, until they make their presence known in unpleasant ways. Wise healers, mystics, and medicine people have told me they are attracted to my light. In this way, they bring me much needed lessons about fear, protection, and love. So, thank you for reminding me to always work with the Golden light and ask my gatekeeper for his constant protection in my life. Blessings abound!
Much Love;
Howling Woman
Comment by Robert Dakota on April 4, 2009 at 7:19am
Kia Ora All,

My apologies as well, as I didn't even read the text, I just know what a great teacher Hirini is and good friend.
I just saw the title honestly, Phases of the Moon and popped it up. So in context or not I know the heart of this man, I know the heart of the land that he comes from, and I know him to be one the most authentic beings that I know. There is still a lot of pain unsettled with the masculine and the feminine, and no matter the feelings brought up from this posting what I appreciate the most is the honest discourse and exchange.

It is what we need planet wide for healing, inside~outside, male~female, you~me, we all have our views whatever they are. We are all still existing simultaneously on One Mother Earth under One Father Sky, it is imperative now that we find out how we will co-ordinate so that we can co-create the dream. The biggest obstacle to me often times seems to be perception.

Ladies, & Clem, just for the record this is one of our fine positive brothers, a brother that I know if you met him the way that I did on the Aotearoa New Zealand journey in 07 with Drunvalo, the context of this man would be more complete.

My apologies Hirini for not being clear on the posting before it was posted.

All the best

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