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So, here we are on the verge of another Full Moon! This full moon is in Libra, balance, justice, temperance, and a sorting out of things, bringing them order. It is interesting that this moon is in Libra considering all the provocative comments to Hiniri's blog post about the phases of the moon!

It is time to harmonize, to bring in to balance all that we are; light, shadow, masculine, feminine. It is the convergence of all these principals that makes us ONE with our creator. Perfect in every sense, balanced in our power and knowing that all that we ever need is in us at all times, existing simultaneously with all possibilities, in the whole of time. These truths are nearing a galactic convergence where soon all will experience this if they are awake.

A big reconciliation has happened to me over the last couple of days, a unification of dark forces and the forces of light that I have desired to live in all the time. This thinking is out of balance with the truth that if we are all ONE then we are one with both light and shadow; to deny the shadows is to deny part of our whole selves. Making peace with the darker forces means letting go of big FEARS which isn't always easy to do.

At this time we are walking simultaneously with many of our past lives, some of my psychic friends have seen them with me and thought they were my spirit guides. They are me in certain past lives that hold power for me in this lifetime.
One, is a very tall Siberian Shaman woman named Maii, the other a small French Canadian woman who came to the Eastern United States before the Revolutionary war, both of these women were well versed in the use of plants. I have a perfect leaf at the base of my left palm and have always understood plants, their properties and what they are used for, and I retain copious amounts of information about them. I also have a karmic miasma from the French Canadian woman. My Chiropractor, some years back took x-rays of my neck after a car accident, and was quite puzzled because he hadn't seen x-rays like these on a LIVE person. He was joking when he asked me if I had ever been hanged, and I surprised him when I said yes! My neck doesn't have the normal curve that others necks do, it is straight, like those of hanging victims that have had postmortem x-rays. I was hanged for giving a young girl the herbs necessary to terminate the pregnancy that resulted from her father's incestuous abuse. This led to the village hanging me for murder, and practicing witchcraft, worse than the incest in their ways, but I still feel that I did the right thing.

So, be aware and be balanced, be authentic; celebrate this moon for the pink ground phlox that signals new, blooming, beautiful life! Pink is a very powerful color! Harmonize with all of your possibilities and know that you are the perfection of God, just the way you are! Meditate using Jade Wahoo's egg meditation, and live boldly, without fear, and most of all, with LOVE!

Love and many blessings!
Howling Woman

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Comment by Howling Woman on April 11, 2009 at 5:15pm
OH Pat, this is so beautiful. When I first read the story of the "Ugly Duckling" in "Women who run with the wolves", and found out that the ugly duckling was just born into the wrong pond, I knew someday I would find my pond, here it is, and we are all swans swimming in this sea of enlightenment.
Have a beautiful weekend, love, peace,
Howling Woman
Comment by Howling Woman on April 10, 2009 at 9:12pm
Comment by Howling Woman on April 10, 2009 at 1:21pm
Pat; Wow, how do you manage to look like you do with a 26yr old son? It's your meditation, I think. I love the connection with the inside of the abalone shell, great meditative work. What sign are you?
I am somewhat familiar with Rudolph Steiner, mostly from what Daniel Pinchbeck has written about him, in his books. I just know they are amazing schools. I wish I was going to the ancestors gathering too, but me and my husband are going to Utah in May for a Reality Sandwhich retreat, so we just can't do it all. Although we are working on that. Let me know when you come close to going to Sedona, cuz I'll definitely be there. We have to smuggle Clem down from BC. Then we will all howl like the authentic spirits we are! Moon, or no moon!
Love, blessings,
Howling Woman
Comment by Howling Woman on April 10, 2009 at 1:10pm
Clem! This is gorgeous! Wow! Did you paint this yourself? Your pull it together on a graphics program? I looooove
it! The colors are may favorites, you too, are one of my favorites.
Love and many blessings!
Howling Woman
Comment by Howling Woman on April 9, 2009 at 1:28pm
Pat you are such a beautiful, loving soul! You went to a Waldorf school? That is very interesting! Cyndi Dale associates pink with the 11th chakra-our hands and feet, and 9th is gold, she has many interesting books about chakras. The class is designed for us to unlock all of our spiritual gifts. Our 6 month class is almost over, but then we are going to start on a second 6 month class. It makes sense that you see Mary in pink, she cradles us with her love! Who from you past lives walks with you? This is a very special moon for me in more ways than one, it is the 27th anniversary of the day my mother died. 27 years ago, it was Good Friday! and she was a very devout Catholic. The day she died-4-9 is 13, my life path number, interesting, isn't it? She still comes and hangs out with me, or does things like comes to me in dreams and tips over water glasses, trying to get my attention for some reason. Maybe to let me know I must do what I came here to do, it is time! I have a poem I wrote in 1997 that I am about to post on here. Maybe tomorrow. Thank you for being here, thank you for reaching out to me, I am love, is my personal mantra as well, sister. Have a beautiful, glorious night! I will think of you this evening as I celebrate this full moon.
Love and many blessings!
Howling Woman

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