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And once again we will meet each other on a Full Moon that
is coming closer. This Full Moon will take place June 7^th
(7:13 p.m. London time -- please adjust your local time).

Last time we had a Full Moon in Scorpio this time we enjoy
a Sagittarius Moon. So this is a Fire Moon with potential of
enthusiasm, independency, optimism, future orientation and
sense for the questions in life and humanity. Don't overdue
it, because that is a "shadow" aspect of Sagittarius and the planet
that rules Sagittarius - which is Jupiter. This Full Moon is
strongly connected with Saturn (square to Moon and Sun).
So there might be some responsibility questions together with
this Full Moon constellation.... who has to, who should do
something. The quality aspect however is to be responsible for
your own -- otherwise you might run into a mummy/daddy

And as we enjoyed already a couple of months ago, Quaoar --
a new celestial body that was discovered 2002 is connected
with the Moon. So here is the explanation for this once again:
Quaoar is a creative spirit/god of the Tongva nation -- an
indegenous tribe in California. The Tongva see themselves as
the People of Mother Earth. Quaoar is dancing everything into
life -- amazing don't you think! I strongly believe this has to do
with recognition of everybodys own creative potential. Furthermore
we have to protect our Planet Earth as the indigenous people do.
Some shamanistic dancing rituals might fit to this Full Moon.
Whoever amongst us feels called by this, feel free to combine
this dancing energy with the inner feelings of the Moon.

From a visible celestial point of view (visible astrology) the
Moon is very close to Antares -- the main fix star in Scorpio.
Antares was one of the royal stars in Peris (Sumer). Antares
can bring a lot of success, but with the meaning of going
through a cleansing life-and-death experience. So from this
aspect we might enjoy a lot of intensity with this Full Moon.

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