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Merlin's mirror. Channelled by whitefetaher 15/4/09

Mirrors, mirrors of the world, it is time for reflection, for looking at what is being done to your planet, to your lives, to the lives of every living creature. For too many long dark moons, you have taken and plundered the Earths resources and still you hunger for more, for greed, for what your neighbours mirror appears to be reflecting, but it only reflects an outer image, it does not reflect the true self inside. This is another form of the alchemy of which I have spoken before, two opposites making a whole. The image you see on the outside is merely the vehicle that carries the soul during a single lifetime, yet you give freely and beyond yourself to this limiting exterior, misguidedly believing the image you see to be the real you. The real you in an ethereal being that cannot be satisfied with material trappings, the need for acquisitions. Trappings, yes that a good word because you become trapped, material things are the things that cause your soul to remained trapped. The real you is crying out for sustenance, recognition, for freedom, yet the more you supply the material, the more trapped your soul becomes and so cries even louder and you supply yet more of the invalid monetary items you put your belief’s in.
Look around you, are not your world economies crumbling ? Is not your world in turmoil ? The rich growing richer, in monetary terms, whilst the poor take to the streets to demand more of the same ? We watch, always we watch, and we are dismayed, how much longer can you all go on in this way before you see the light and change your ways and your world. Demanding an equal share of the worlds economies will not satiate your soul, everything around you is crumbling and will continue to crumble before all can again become equal. The alchemy of balance.
Wars and violence, greed and acquisition will not bring about this balance, to survive no one needs more than a shelter and some food in the physical. Basic needs easily supplied, yet even those of you that think you are Earth friendly, are still caught in the monetary trap and you misguidedly believe you have to be there because there is no other way ! This is because of the collective belief in a monetary society, it is strong and can keep you there with false illusions of what it might bring. But no longer, it is why you economies are crumbling, it is why your heads of kingdoms are being shown to have faults, it is why your monetary systems are failing.
And so, what can you do about it ? Learn dear ones, learn that money and the things it can buy is not your saviour, you are ! Love is ! You are the one you are waiting for to bring you salvation, and you can do it anytime you choose to wake up. Wake up and step back and see the true story here. It is not about loss, failure, destruction, it is about a movement back towards - yes back forwards - alchemy, towards a loving, caring, sharing communities, towards a time when once again you will all be able to be in touch with your souls selves. Your soul selves does not need banks and corporate businesses, your soul self needs love, unconditional love for yourself, your neighbours, your extended global family, the Earth and all Her creatures.
And, it must begin with yourselves. Ask yourselves, “Do you know the difference between need and want ?” “Do you thirst for wisdom and knowledge yet search for it in books or screens of moving pictures ? Always looking outside of yourselves, always searching for someone else’s vision, and what do you get ? Pieces of paper that can be destroyed in an instant, and with it the wisdom you seek. Oh dear ones, look into your own hearts, you carry so much want, desire and confusion that you cannot begin to know what your soul self truly desires - Freedom.
Another’s idea’s, another’s visions cannot fuel the flame of love within you, because it is not your vision, it is not what will feed you. You must each write your own story, allow yourself to step away from the need to be like everyone else in a neat little box. The very people you desire to be like, your light workers, spiritual teachers and way showers, are who you are on the inside anyway. These people have looked inside themselves and found their soul selves and fed them. The rest of you are still looking in false mirrors and trying to reflect someone else’s way of being.
What do you see when you look in your mirror ? Do you see a physical shape that you are undoubtedly unhappy with ? Do you see the scars, both physical and emotional, that you carry ? Do you see a truly miserable you trying to fit into societies boxes, searching, always searching yet never finding that elusive ‘thing’ that can supply the need inside you that you have not even acknowledged yet ?
Or do you see a wonderful flame of love and beauty burning steadily at your heart centre ? A flame that reflects the sum total of all your past lives in numerous physical forms along with your future promises ? A beautiful light being ?
Your lives are intended to be about helping each other, helping the Earth, marrying unity - alchemy, yet your world have become focused on the masses helping a few grow rich and exploit the Earth and each other, some have grown rich, but only in monetary terms. The industrial nations must crumble because it is the only way you will see the errors of your unsustainable systems.
Many say this is a modern disease - but no, humankind had been working towards this for many hundreds of years, each generation wanting more than their predecessors. You go to work to earn money to buy the things that make other people richer and richer, your whole work ethos is working to make others richer and you misguidedly believe it is to help you acquire things you need ? Need ? No dear ones, Want, yes. All you really need is shelter and food and companionship and love. Why do you need a wall of sound and picture disks when you can pick up an instrument and make music for yourselves ? Why do you need row after roe of packets and tins of something that is called food yet resembles horse fodder, when you can grow your own food in the Earths rich soil ?
Why do you need to attack another human being and take their life ? What do you gain from such atrocities ? Nothing ! It does not fill the void you feel inside and so you are compelled to go on acquiring or killing, each time hoping it will bring you’re the fullness, the happiness, the contentment you desire. Does it ? No dear ones, it does not, it never will, so why do you persist in constantly trying ?
So, look again into your mirrors, and see past your physical image, strip bare your outer persona and search deep inside until you find your inner flame. It is there is you look, it may be weakened, but it is never extinguished. Feed the internal flame with love, pure unconditional love for yourself and for your fellow beings, the Earths creatures, for you are Her custodians.
To a certain extent, the future you cannot change, for there is still much unrest, drastic changes, confrontations, revelations and upheavals to come, but, if you look for the beauty within yourself, within others, within every dark and upsetting situation that happens, then you will know the true beauty way of living in balance with yourself and all others, then you can begin to re-create the future you would like to see rather than the projection of the current one.
Realise that money and acquisition cannot feed your inner flame, these things only serve to stifle and starve it. Let the beauty of the Earths natural resources fill you up, allow the fiery brilliance of a sunset to ignite your flame, for these things are those of real value. Take a deep breath and prepare to be the changes you desire to see. You can do it. Yes the ‘normality’ will crumble and fall, but ‘normality’ as you currently view it is not feeding your soul. Your soul is a timeless being, beauty, kindness and love feed the souls inner flame, become those things, even if others mock you or tell you that you are wrong or foolish . Become those things and beauty and kindness and love will reflected back to you in the great mirror of life. Reflect out the things you wish to see and they will be reflected back to you.
It is time to truly look in your personal mirrors, own your own reflection , and if it is not what you desire, then change it, for only you can.
My blessings with you always, Merlin, today I have been with Sananda, His words are my words, our words are the truth in your hearts. Do you dare to look ?

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Comment by Mayte Abad-Morente on May 4, 2009 at 5:25am
Thank you so much Whitefeather for share this.
a rainbow hug from Spain to you.
Mayte 8

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