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New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon at 25Aquarius18 6:52pm PST, Moon Void of Course 8:33pm

Sabian Symbol Image for this degree:
KEYNOTE: Skill in applying knowledge of natural laws to the solutions of everyday problems resulting from life in our technological society. (from “An Astrological Mandala” by Dane Rudhyar)

This New Moon will be conjunct with Neptune in Aquarius, initiating Neptune’s second round of the Zodiac since its discovery in 1846. Please take advantage of this power window to plant seeds of awakening for our future.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree (the same as Neptune’s discovery degree) speaks of the energy reserve that is available to us when we cooperate with the technologies of the natural world. One of the most beautiful and useful tools for working with the cycles of nature is the art of astrology, where timing is everything. Astrologer Jan Spiller ( writes: “By knowing what we want to harvest in our lives (the dreams we want to see come true) and by planting the seeds at the appropriate time, we can manifest the dreams of our heart.” (from her book “New Moon Astrology: Using New Moon Power Days to Change and Revitalize Your Life”). She recommends the practice of writing down some wishes for your life during the eight hours following each New Moon, before the Moon goes Void of Course (we’ve only got about an hour-and-half to work with this month- please take the time!) The dreams that we empower with this Moon have great potential for positive results in our world, as the Full Moon on 2/28 will be aligned with Jupiter (planet of abundance) in Pisces (its sign of rulership).

Some ideas for plantings:
Aquarius is an air sign that is all about friends and networking- weaving the webs that sustain a meaningful society. The internet (ruled by Aquarius) is an incredible tool at our disposal for connecting with the creatures and groups we’re interested in working with- this moonth is a great time to start a new online project, or to participate in some community effort at creating a more sustainable future. As Neptune is the ruler of dreams and visions, this is a wonderful Moon to magnetize and empower your ideal community with images of the society you want to play a part in. Neptune helps us understand that creative fields of energy are generated by our attention. When we are able to share our attention and intention with a partner or group, the potency of the field is magnified exponentially. (Sing for peace! 2/14 at 9am

As this Moon occurs almost in tandem with Valentine’s day, (the Moon will be conjunct with Venus in Pisces at 12:54pm on 2/14- very dreamy and lovey-dovey vibrations! Great for sound healing, too) try doing some work with visioning around the notion of your oneness with the “divine other.” I’ve been conducting some very rewarding experiments with imagining my whole life as a romance novel. Not in the way of having steamy, inappropriate love affairs, but in the way of viewing my life experiences as chapters in my courtship with the divine. We are one. Maybe we’ve divided ourselves into “self” and “other” to consciously participate in our re-union. Get playful with romancing your divinity! Maybe more vivid encounters with the passionate and dramatic aspects of your life are exactly the fuel needed to overcome your separation from Source.

Mercury in Aquarius (sign of its exaltation) is opposite to Mars (retrograde) in Leo during the New Moon. Here we find Mercury, the busy-body planet of communications and scurryings, having some tense (but productive) negotiations with Mars- pushing our buttons, and helping us to consider the direction and worthiness of our assertions and conquests. Who would you like to have a provoking, productive debate with? What are you frustrated about that needs careful, future-minded attention right now? Mars’ retrograde cycle in Leo (12/20/09-3/11/10) gives us a chance to reconsider our sense of personal power, and the effectiveness of the performance pieces we are embodying. You came here to play a part, and viewing the world as a stage can be very productive at this time. Where are you ready to be a star? How are you promoting yourself? Set some intentions about how you want to shine, and take this month to practice your part and strengthen the mojo of your stage presence.

Most of the planets are in the last two signs of the Zodiac (Aquarius and Pisces) with this Moon. As these two signs are at the end of the Zodiac, they contain all of the wisdom of the cycle, and all of the baggage as well. This month should be showing us some wonderful chances to see new perspectives on our own craziness, and to confront the insanity that is so rampant in our world. Remember- the gifted scientists, authors, musicians, painters and consciousness pioneers who are paving the way to a more fulfilling future are not necessarily wearing facades that are socially acceptable, or playing by the rules. We all need a lot of room to grow right now, and the gratitude and acceptance we can generate for all we don’t yet understand is a golden nectar.

Thanks for doing the work!

Cheers- Adam

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