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New Moon Message – The Logic, science and vast information behind the New Consciousness Grid and the Full Moon Tunings PART 2

Disappearing Earth magnetic fields, our consciousness and the still rising Heart beat of Mother Earth.
We might all intuitively resonate deeply with the message that humanity is
finally moving out of the 13.000 years of darkness, ascending very
rapidly towards unity consciousness and into 13.000 years of light, but
how many of us are able to speak to the heads of those who are still
very much locked in the left brain modality of thinking. Those that need
a roadmap to cross the bridge between the brain and the heart?

For most of us, who are already on their surfboards riding the waves of the
‘ongoing shift’, we all very much appreciate the unifying work that
Science continues to provide us with. Science backs up everything our
hearts intuitively know about the changing face of time, it provides us
with an intelligent vocabulary and today science even goes beyond
sharing with us logic based information on some seemingly unrelated
similarities in earth changes. When we connect the different fields of
earth and space science we can generate a superb template to understand
how our consciousness is changing and how everything is intimately
connected in this magnificent process we call the Great Shift of the

has established decades ago that our collective consciousness, our
identity or our individual and collective memory is directly connected
to the earth’s magnetic fields. Russia was the first to figure this out
by losing some of their brightest cosmonauts, who came back without any
sense of anything. Now the anomalies that have been and are being
reported on our earth’s magnetic field are the prime indicator that the
real shift is happening right now.

Our earths magnetic field has been dropping drastically over the last 100
years and this is affecting all live on earth. Beaching whales, birds in
locations that they shouldn’t be and to be more elaborate a airplanes
today need to re check their chards before they take off to make sure
that their instruments are reading the right information. The magnetic
grid is getting so weak that at any time it could step or fall into,
what science calls, Zero Point.

While our current Grid in strength is dwindling (to make way for the use
of the new grid) a slightly different phenomena, also directly related
to our consciousness is doing the exact opposite. The heartbeat of
Mother Earth, the pulse that is emitted from within our planet, that
science calls the Schuman Resonance Based Frequency has been speeding up
without any ‘apparent’ reason. Mother Earths speeding heartbeat, which
is responding to our suns increased pulsation, that gets it’s pulse from
the centre of the universe, is waking us up. In fact the Schuman
resonance depicts how we perceive reality, more so it depicts how we
experience the perception of time. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Time will speed up until it ceases to be a functional way of perceiving
reality, this will happen when the Schuman resonance has reached
13cycles, governments no longer allows public research in this field
and the subject was ‘banned’ back in the ’80 (how surprisingly).
Estimates are the we are currently it is at 12.6 cycles, but for sure
last in 2003 it was at 12,3. Interesting that the Mayans say that after
2012 there is ‘no time’ meaning no valid way to keep track of it, could
this be in relationship with each other?


"Sigh..." Time is speeding up, everything is closing in to this one point where we all blink out for a few seconds (at least so we
think) and open our eyes again to a complete and total new world. How
you spend those few seconds in the Void during the Shift is up to you.
Science does not give you any rational leads as to how to go about that
one, it simply can’t, it can only observe.

We suggest that from hereof you trust your indigenous Elders who know the Day is coming. Listen to their prophecies as they are now ready to
share their understanding of the Great Shift of the Ages. From within
your heart, listen to the message of the Ancient Ones they’ve got the
internet too.

Connect your head with your heart, science with love for mother earth and her birthing process. Be close to her from within your heart and
all shall pass you by, as if you were just a few seconds out in the Void
having the experience of a Soultime!

Love Ourselves and share that Love out to the world around you.


This message is public domain, copy paste and share with those who can resonate with its content.

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