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Spot light on Dani Antman
New Lionheart teacher
Upcoming Class: The Science of Kundalini Awakening and the Chakras
January 17th, 2-5pm

In 1991, when I was in my third year of healing school, I came home tired from an intense five day class. I went to sleep, alone, without dinner and had the most unusual experience.
I awoke from a dream that there was a roaring noise coming from a metal box emitting light. As I opened my eyes I couldn’t move, I felt pinned down by some invisible force, and there was electricity running up and down my spine. I was terrified. I don’t know how long it lasted, but I eventually fell back to sleep. In the morning I called some friends that I thought could explain this occurrence. One said she thought I had been contacted by ET’s!--- and the other, a teacher, said that he thought it was an initiation.

It wasn’t until eleven years later that I received the real explanation, which was that I had experienced an energy phenomenon that was caused by a surge of the kundalini.
The kundalini is the inner divine feminine energy that is said to be coiled at the base of the spine. It can awaken under many circumstances and it can also be blocked causing havoc to the person’s energy system. In 2002, I met an Indian kundalini adept, who helps people open fully to the divine within for the purpose of spiritual evolution.

In my case, I found out I had a particular kind of block that was impeding my connection to the divine and causing physical burnout, due to too much heat in the body. I had been doing intense yoga practices, and these were only contributing to my problems, not helping them! I learned that each and every person awakens individually according to their own karma, physical, mental and emotional proclivities. There are no group yoga practices that are right for everyone. I was given an individual yoga practice based on my own systems needs. This was immediately life changing, and I have continued to consult with this Swami and his American trained disciple.

My experience over the past 7 years of practice have given me a visceral understanding of the power, purpose and sacredness of this divine Shakti within. I feel that all energy workers, therapists, bodyworkers and people on a spiritual path need to be aware of the signs of kundalini arousal and rising, to be better able to help themselves and their clients.
For this reason I am offering a three hour class on January 17th to talk about Kundalini basics. I don’t offer kundalini yoga practices, because of my deep respect for the level of spiritual expertise and knowledge that it takes to advise someone in this manner. I can however point people to the right resources and make suggestions about self care.

I will be part of the teaching team for The Lionheart Institute this spring, and feel that I can contribute this spiritual overview of the chakras, even as we learn the basic techniques of healing. I strongly believe that it is essential for students to understanding the underlying spiritual purpose of the chakras and subtle bodies, as they are described in Kundalini Science.

I hope you can come to this event!

Dani Antman

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