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What's Innermost - and what's far above and beyond - is one and the same! How come and why - finding myself (and what + who is this "myself"?!) in A Universe - which, in itself - is A Mystery (how come...what is it...why...where...Again the same Never Ending, UnAnswerAble, Enigmatic Questions As About Myself) - and so on and on...and on...Circles within Circles - Like the FLOWER OF LIFE Mandala/Fractal - Ever Spreading out from the Innermost - never to be reached FOCAL - POINT~~~towards the furthest of the furthest of ALL. Beyond and Above All Heavens - and Heavens of Heavens...which after all is ALL IN ALL~~~ONE AND THE SAME(!) So - WHAT is it All..What's NOW...(???!!!...):-))) (((-:

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