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Statement of Intention

and Devotional Prayer of Changes


Initiating the Perpetual Puja of weekly Invocation of

Beloved Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj,

in service to His Divine Blessing-Work

of the Eternal “Brightening” of all-and-All


DA    DA    DA



Divine Avataric Master and World-Friend, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Samraj,


          Beholding Your Most Holy bodily human Form, with hearts full of gratitude and love and adoration, we surrender and bow down in Your Divine Presence of Love-Bliss.


Beloved Master, this Supremely Auspicious Day commemorates the Yogic Event that occurred at The "Brightness" on April 22, 1999. By Means of This Divine Event, You Established the Perpetual Radiation of Your World-Blessing from Adi Da Samrajashram. This was made possible through the Divine Work of Your forty-three Days of Seclusion and Unique Tapas at Atma Nadi Shakti Loka. We Invoke Your Infinite Grace and Blessing for the healing and benign transformation of this Earth and all of Earthkind.


          Beloved Master, on this Day we formally initiate an ongoing process of Invoking Your Blessing,  through weekly collective engagement of the Devotional Prayer of Changes for the sake of a new human order on earth, founded in Your Compassionate Callings Given in Not-Two Is Peace.


          Divine Lord, Your Divine Body Is, literally, the Source of everything—Perfectly Coinciding with everything and Perfectly Manifesting Prior Unity. As You have Said, “This Body Is the Body of the 'world'”. Through turning to Your Divine Presence in ever-deepening devotional recognition, may we fully live by the understanding that all true rightening and all true transformation occurs only by Means of Your Divine Avataric Accomplishing Power. Through this recognition, may we learn to rightly participate in prayerful Invocation of Your Divine Presence for sake of the world. May we intuit the Ultimate Mystery and Accomplishment of Your Divine Avataric Incarnation—that everyone and everything now exists in Perfect Coincidence with Your Divinely Translated Avataric Person.


          Beloved Master, may we listen deeply to Your Divine Words in The Aletheon:


My Perfect Coincidence here Is Indivisibly Related to the historical happenings that have coincided with My Lifetime.

          The unique events that have revealed the Perfect Coincidence of all-and-All with Me have Happened, and will always continue to Happen, since April 2000.

          I Spoke of this many times in the past, and in 1999 at the "Brightness".

          I Spoke about what was to come.


          Then the Ruchira Dham Event Happened--and everything unfolded.

          Since the Ruchira Dham Event, everything has been happening as the historical coincidence necessary for My Divine Avataric Work to Be Full.


          Divine Master, we bow down in utter ignorance of what may be required for Your Divine Avataric Work to be Full. Nevertheless, Your Prophetic Words are clear: for humankind to have a future, the old order of ego-culture must pass, and give way to a new human culture based in the truth of prior unity, expressed through the collective voice and cooperative action of everybody-all-at-once. Such global transformation is only possible through Your Divine Coinciding, Bhagavan. And in that Coinciding, immense Purification is inevitably Occurring in the world--socially, economically, politically, culturally. At the same time, humanity is facing an increase of natural disasters associated with earthquakes, hurricances, tsunamis, volcanic activity and disturbances of climate.

Beloved Bhagavan, Your human Sign always Revealed an unspeakable Sympathy and Sublime Agony for the plight of humankind suffering in its ignorance of Reality, and ego-blind rush to death. Your entire Divine Lifetime was Given to drawing human beings beyond the terrible illusions of bondage to body, mind, and world, and easing their suffering at the same time. And so, in worship and gratitude at Your Most Holy Feet, we invoke Your Divine Blessing Power that the pain and struggle of all living beings that is arising in conjunction with this great Purification on Earth may be ameliorated by Your Divine Avataric Grace.


At the same time, we invoke your Divine Presence that the human response to the signs of the times will grow in courage, cooperation, compassion, tolerance, mutual trust, and a profoundly-activated refusal to settle for the norms of the old order of ego-culture.


We pray that the intrinsically egoless truth of existence will Awaken, by Your Divine Grace, in more and more human beings, laying the foundation for a universal understanding of the prior unity of humanity, the Earth-world, and all existence.


On this basis, may principles of right life become established and expected by means of self-organizing communities and populations, committed to the healing of humankind and the planet.


Through the growing voice of everybody-all-at-once and the influence of wise leadership, may the staves in the wheels of the global systems, which presently favor the dominance of the few and the oppression of the many, be effectively removed.


May the vast numbers of young people now alive serve this process with great energy and moral force, and provide an unstoppable engine of global change in which all generations now alive find their voice and make their fullest contribution.


May the great wave of awakening now manifesting across northern Africa and the Middle East gather strength across the world and find its truly effective expression in an emerging Global Cooperative Forum.


May the scourge of contamination by nuclear fuel, presently afflicting Japan—and, inevitably, the world’s indivisible oceans, earth, and air--be contained and limited with all possible speed. May the confrontation with this disaster convert humanity away from all use of nuclear energy, and awaken a collective will and demand to build a new structure of global energy--beyond both nuclear fission and fossil fuels.


          Beloved Divine Lord, in the midst of all that is now occurring, and may yet occur, in the world, may Your devotees abide undismayed in whole bodily devotional recognition of Your Divine Presence and in the Perfect Knowledge of Reality Given in the beholding of Your Divine Form. May Your devotees joyfully adhere to this Great Instruction:


The practice of My true devotee must not depend on what either the human "world" or the natural "world" does.

          Once anyone becomes My devotee (by Sighting Me and Listening to Me), My thus-to-Me-"Bonded" devotee simply and always must "get on with it, and go on with it"--even through death, and always regardless of what takes place in the "world". . . .

Through My devotee's complete responsive surrender to Me--Divinely Avatarically Self-Revealed and Transcendentally Spiritually Self-Given As egoless, Indivisible, Acausal, Perfect, and Self-Evidently Divine Reality Itself--every aspect of the human form and context becomes a conduit for My Divine Avataric Activity and Influence.

          Therefore, ego-transcending responsive surrender to Me is the always sufficient practice.


          Divine Beloved Master, Adi Da Samraj, may Your devotees be always seated at heart before the Fire of Your Holy Presence, Invoking Your Supreme Grace and Blessing for Truth to prevail on Earth—in and as the Prior Unity of Your Very Form and Person. In worship and surrender, we hold up our hands  in praise and gratitude for Your Gifts of Divine Blessing, and we receive the Gift of Your Divine Heart-Instruction:


The "tribalism" carried over from the past domains of separate existence must now be thrown into a common fire, a fire tended by everyone. Otherwise, the world itself is going to become a conflagration.

Therefore, there must be a Sacred Fire, into which everything by which human differences might be commanded is thrown.

Prior Unity is the Light of that Sacred Fire, and the Guiding Source for all rightening in the future—a rightening that can only be based on humankind existing as a totality, all-at-once.

Truth is the Prior-Unity Force, the Force that rightens the world.


May it Be So.



Om Sri Parama-Sapta-Na

Adi Da Love-Ananda Hridayam

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