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Writing about women's emotions in abusive and codependent relationships

Already, I have written about the domestic violence issue in my poetry. I am starting a website for the women to submit their work, I already know how difficult it is to acknowledge what you have been through. It is time to express your feelings. Those emotions cannot remain bottled up inside.

I wanted to write the words that would motivate, even inspire other women to leave. My writing would have to get through to even the hardest of hearts and break through all those walls. It had to be compassionate yet piercing because I know myself what it is like to have all those walls up.

Sareena Sandhu( April 20, 2009)

"His words have torn her apart,
So finally, she leaves with her broken heart.
As she walks out, her worth suddenly increases.

Phone calls, notes, and I’ll never hurt you again she hears.
This time she knows it’s a lie.
I’ll never go back she cries.
What is it that’s too hard? Is it the struggle?
Is it the idea that now she is a “real” person,
A real true human being without any chains,
Without any names.

I used to say to my abuser= you need to treat me like a real person.
A real human being. What did he know?
He knows nothing but control and anger and abuse.
That is his way.

I used to feel very bad. Every fight, every angry word
I put myself in a position with a very angry person so I
Could work on my anger except it Engulfs me at times,
I wanted to be set Free"

Why was I there? He never Respected me. This is a man
Who never understood treating a woman as an equal.

I would ask over and over how could I fall into such a situation?

I see my own potential. I see rainbows. I see huge success.
I see Love. I see Greener pastures. The point is I.

I had to eliminate the We and just be Me.

Sometimes in your life you are on your own and it hurts like Hell.
But Ultimately- you are after all the person in charge of your own Journey.

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