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for more info & registration:
Date: Oct 3-5
Place: Sedona Temple
$176.00 Sat & Sun
$88.00 per day
walk ins welcome

Oct 3rd: Friday Night Free Introduction
5pm~7pm open to the public

Oct 4th: Saturday workshop
Teachings about a loving and plentiful sexuality

Power Point about Prehispanic sexuality, mostly from the Mochica culture in Peru.

Ceremony to heal and restore our sexuality

Oct 5th: Sunday workshop
Machitun, the Healing Circle

Group sharing about our sexuality. Questions and answers.

Sound Healing

The cosmology of the original Andean people is to live in harmony with Nature and respect the order of all that exists. Exists the Sun and the Moon, the man and woman, the day and night, dual aspects, polarities, but also complements.
When we know and are conscious of that reality we can relate with each other in a sacred way.
These Sacred Sexuality Teachings have their origin in the ancient native cultures of South America. The teachings provide a framework for understanding the context of life limiting patterns that restrict our natural ability to experience deeper joy in relationships and intimacy.
We will also experience the Machitun (the healing way of the Machi, the shaman of the Mapuche people of Chile). This is a healing circle ceremony where we all participate with our drums, rattles, earth dances and chants

Bring drums, rattles and any other instrument you feel like. Women please wear skirts for ceremonial purposes. Men and women bring scarfs for their heads and regalia.

Luzclara is a Chilean grandmother, ceremonial leader and sound healer who has dedicated her life to her own healing and the healing of the earth and Her beings. She lives in Chile where she runs a healing center “Luz del Maipo” at the foothills of the Andes.

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