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Delegate Program Romania with Jamie Janover

1-3 Iunie 2012 - Bucuresti
Prezentat de Jamie Janover cu Nassim live via Skype!
Program V:19-22 / S:9-21 / D:9-21
Cost participare: 980 lei 
Locatia: Hotel BEST WESTERN PLUS Mari Vila Bucharest****
Jamie Janover presents "crossing the Event Horizon" 
the unified field theory of Nassim Haramein: Presentations on tour...
Have you ever wondered about how the universe works? How we fit in? Have you experienced the micro-macro dynamics of existence, or sensed it? Do you feel, or instinctually know that everything truly is “all one”? Or felt that science has been looking in the wrong direction? Focusing on exclusive material particles, rather than inclusive fundamental principles? Where is the cohesion in the chaos? Have you ever wondered what ancient societies may have known or experienced that we have either discarded or forgotten? And where did they learn it?
"When I first saw scientist Nassim Haramein speak I was totally blown away. He actually was able to tie together everything into one cohesive unification theory. I mean EVERYTHING - from cosmology to quantum mechanics, sacred geometry, ancient cultures, fractal structures, religious texts, crop circles, Einstein's relativistic theories (with an added spin component) and even the nature of consciousness.... "
Jamie is one of only a handful of "emissaries" that went to Hawaii in January 2008, where Nassim Haramein himself taught us to give his powerpoint presentation on his life's work - a grand unification theory.
Come learn about Nassim Haramein’s lifelong journey into the geometry of spacetime, which has lead to a coherent understanding of the fundamental structure of the universe and our existence in it.
In his presentations, Jamie takes you on a journey through humanity’s evolution, exposing the changes necessary to produce a Unified Physics; a unification of not only the four forces of nature, but also evolution and the occurrence of consciousness. Haramein's theory demonstrates as well a parallel between ancient codes in documents and monuments.
This all-encompassing theory may prove to be one of the most important discoveries of our time.
Below are links to Nassim's website and his videos plus a list of Jamie's currently scheduled talks... It's life-changing information when you can land how YOU actually ARE an infinite being.... literally.
For more information please explore the links below...
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Nassim’s Non-Profit Foundation - The Resonance Project:
Jamie Janover’s Resonance Project Emissary Page:

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