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Samhain ~ Halloween 10.31.13 The Deeper Meaning by Cal Garrison

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Comment by Eileen O'Toole on October 16, 2014 at 2:08am

Cheers .. thanks Robert and Cal.... Ah finally I got to see this... and just in the nick of time as well..... As usual Cal gives me one or more sentences that makes the shiny pennies drop... I live in Ireland right, I can pronounce the word Samhain, though admittedly, it took me a few years.. and I knew that it's a feminine celebration and I knew it's the New Year...( which I am forever grateful in understanding).... BUT I love... I absolutely love Cal's meditative suggestion that we be much more mindful about how we dress on the day- ( whether we go to party or not  I think..) ... and that we deliberate on the question of what we want to be next year and foremost, what do we NEED to be next year. -------   I love it. ------- In Ireland there's a slang expression for making out or getting laid, it's  " a ride"-  ( do remember that should you visit here, if you say "thanks for the ride", you will be given very odds looks, unless of course its true ) ... but my particular year was a ride and a half. Sometimes it was deliciously wild and sometimes it was rape. But I have learnt  more in this year about myself than I have in a good long while. It was truly my year of big Growth- Body. Mind and Soul.  After listening to herself and this reminder of what Halloween is, was and can be....think I'll just design myself a costume that takes the prize.  xx  always eileen

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