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Dr Masaru Emoto "Power of Prayer" for Fukushima Pt 2

In June we had the unique opportunity to meet with and film Dr Masaru Emoto
"Messenger of Water", just one week after he had returned from the Tsunami Zone. We have provided links to places and people in the story.

The Report on "Water and Peace" Global Forum at Lake Biwa 2010

Dr Nobuo Shioya
The Power of Visualization
Experience the Power of Self Healing
The Fountain of Youth Within

Any illness can be remedied with the power of positive thinking and proper breathing. One Japanese centenarian doctor has proven this time and again - and has become younger in the process!

Does Water Have a Message for Us?
Masaru Emoto, whose photos of frozen water crystals have inspired both awe and skepticism, believes human emotions affect water
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"On The Road" is a Japanese NPO person to person volunteer Tsunami relief effort.

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