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An Invitation for a "Unified Prayer" to go out worldwide was initiated and a beautiful pulse circled Mother Earth. We directly connected with Her where we were in Tokyo, as many others did all over Japan & worldwide for 24 hours as the energy circled Mother Earth. All shared the general good feeling of interaction with Her Heart and the images we discovered together were very supportive with a deep sensation of inner peace, inner tranquility ~.~

There have been many signs of small gestures in a positive direction! Please Remember to join your hearts in
"Unified Prayer" wherever you are NOW! That is the best vote you can make! The rest is play full illusion ~.~ Remember every pulse that is a possibility to be
"Joy Full" ....

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Comment by Patty/Peacemaker on September 10, 2013 at 12:04pm

Fabulous.  I was in Japan back in 1959 to 1960...when my dad was in the Airforce!  It was nice over there!  Thanks for sharing~!

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