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Cal Earth Super Adobe Apprenticeship Programs

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If you have a vision for building your home, a community, or even helping others to build theirs, or if you're ready to start construction, stop, and consider the two following alternatives:
The hands-on Apprenticeship Course at Cal-Earth Institute in California.
The Distance Learning Course at your home location via internet and other media.
Give us a few days of your time and we will empower you to begin the process of realizing your dream. We will teach you hands-on how to build your home, your school, your career or your entire community, without being forced to cut a single tree; by using the earth under your feet and utilizing the elements of sun, wind, water and fire.
These technologies to construct a natural architecture haven't been developed from clever designs and speculation, but from bridging traditional technology by meditation, commitment, and distilling, into future planning. For over thirty years architect Nader Khalili researched Earth Architecture with his associates and apprentices to bring building back into people's hands. Now for the 1.2 billion people in the world living with no safe shelter and no hope of ever affording one, new hope has begun to arrive.

If you have reached a turning point in your life and have the courage to invest in yourself, take the chance to embark on a long term or short apprenticeship retreat. Learning in these architectures will fill you with inspiration and direction to return with new skills to your home, city or country, and to be able to serve humanity by example.

What is the Cal-Earth Apprenticeship Program? These are hands-on retreats for people who want to learn to build their own home or participate in building a community from earth and the elements. It gives the chance to focus totally on learning the unique self-help Earth (Superadobe) and/or Ceramic Architecture techniques developed at Cal-Earth as well as traditional earth building techniques, in the serene and instructive setting of the Cal-Earth prototypes. Mentored by the works and words of Nader Khalili, and taught by Iliona Outram Khalili and Cal-Earth's associates and teachers, the holistic learning methods during the intensive retreat continuously convey techniques and concepts to the apprentice, through all five senses at once. Four thousand years of earth architecture and ceramics, Geltaftan and Superadobe technologies, rammed earth, adobe, and straw bale are transformed within the student in a brief period into the designs of the future. An apprentice becomes part of the Cal-Earth network.

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Comment by Lynette Price on April 12, 2010 at 3:54pm
luv it!
Comment by carolina hehenkamp on April 14, 2009 at 2:05pm
I am so happy you got this contact too, I am looking for some years in doing a training with them for building a community with various adobe earth houses! yeyeyeyeye! the future is here already..........

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