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I had the privilege to pilgrimage Mt Fuji this past August 01, 2012.
Along the ascent to the Eighth station I utilized the words Trust, Joy, Beauty, Love, In Truth, Peace, and Harmony,with Reverence for God
as a continual mantra to keep my focus for this pilgrimage.

The day before and the day the pilgrimage was finished Mt Fuji was socked in with clouds. This morning after leaving the 8th station at 1:30 am to ascend to the top of Mt Fuji it was perfectly clear allowing for this time lapsed sunrise of 45 minutes brought to you in 4:00 minutes.

What an exhilarating experience. I can see why people do this pilgrimage!
Here is a poem that I wrote in Japan, on my first journey to Japan, in 2005 which still captures the feeling of this beautiful experience.

Ise-Kyoto, Japan 09.10.05
Miles & Miles
from familiar awareness
encountering the unknown
becoming vulnerable
in order to grow.
Fathoms of Heart Space
calling to be known....
Limitless expanses heralding
the Cosmos within.
Our Moments
awaiting Remembering
to all tracks, paths,
and in-roads
leading towards
I am, We are, US
Robert Dakota

In 2005 the Mantra for the hike up was
Love, Gratitude, Peace, Prayers.

2005 was my first pilgrimage up Fuji-san. I was nearly to the top,
I could see the peaks edge and I had to turn back because I was with Drunvalo's group and we were all supposed to gather for ceremony at the foot of Mt Fuji for Amaterasu.
When I got the feeling I had to turn back and go down I saw a giant moth on the ground, a symbol of completion. I told myself one day I will come back and complete this journey....
I had no idea how that moment would play out. This is the image that captures the feeling of realizing how that played out so beautifully emphasized by the music and energy of asha.

Sedona 09.24.12
Thank you everyone,
Thank you Universe,
Thank you Great Spirit,
Thank You Amaterasu,
To The Heart of the Heavens,
To The Heart of Mother Earth
May Our Abundant Hearts guide us to
Remember who we really are....
Creators in the Image of God
Let there be Light!
Robert Dakota

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Comment by Ron Sirchie on September 25, 2012 at 5:14pm

Nice those drums....;)

Comment by Ron LaPlace on September 25, 2012 at 10:42am

Beautiful Robert! : )

With Gratitude,


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