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Wisdom of The Earth with Barry Kapp & Luzclara

This meeting with Barry & Luzclara
is about sharing with you the people who are out there creating & re-creating the world that we want to connect with.

So these interviews are about connecting all of us through an alternative media source.
We hope you enjoy!
Happy Holy Days!


Wisdom Of the Earth
Barry Kapp & Cynthia Olivera
Barry Kapp has studied aromatherapy in Turkey. France and Israel and shares his learning in seminars and through his own medicinal aromatherapy practice. Barry's mentors have included the Trees and Plants, Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD., Daniel Penoel, MD, Gary Young, Nat. Dr., Pierre Franchomme, PhD., Malte Hozzel, PhD., and Claude LaPraz, MD. Barry has completed extensive training in many physical modalities and integrates them with the oils in his treatments. Barry has studied and practiced herbology for 35 years, guided by a father who was a self-taught herbalist, prospering health-wise for 85+ years. Formerly a dairy farmer, Barry used herbalogy to treat his animals, and they, in turn, taught him many truths about all beings' true connection to Mother Earth.

Cynthia Olivera, Barry's wife, has roots in the Taino Nation of indigenous peoples in the Carribean. For over 27 years she has taught children and adults movement, dance and breath work. She uses the medicinal essences with women using past life regression to cut old paradigms and patterns within the sexuality arena.

You can contact Barry at and Cynthia at

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