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Pg. 9: We are the Architects and the originators of our own destinies and we wield the key to our very existence through Creative Intelligence as the Creator.

Pg. 11: Because we are fashioned in the likeness of the original source and because we ourselves are part and parcel to the Universe, we create of our own realities. We possess inherent qualities consistent with the qualities of nature that enable us to manufacture whatever we desire through the properties of thought, desire, intention and focus. We know that ultimately, whatever the original Creator is considered to be, we as Its’ offspring are co-creators along with it through the cultivation of our spirits and our connection with the Divine Mind.

Taken from the book Ultimate Truth: Book I by Dr. Peter C. Rogers, D.D., Ph.D.

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very interesting thank you Sister Wolf Medicine woman
Everything that we see in the manifested world originated in the eternal mind of the creator. Being part and parcel to the creator enables us to harness the same creative properties. First it begins with a thought. That thought develops into desire. We can hone that desire by concentrating on where we place our focus.
Welcome Peter, and thank you for your comments. I was once told by the Great Spirit that "you to me, are as the sand is to the sea, you give me my shape, my form" In other words, it is through being in matter, that we are able to give shape to Divine creative power, with free will always at the core of how we use this energy to create our realities. I do not believe Divine inspiration comes from our thoughts and feelings but from a deeper place within us, that knows the truth of who we are in Spirit and connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Our boundaries of perception often represent our limited beliefs rather than our greatness in the eyes of Spirit. Once we understand our connection and remember the teachings of the wise ones then our intentions begin to reflect our truth rather than our desires which often reflect our needs.
Hello Michele,

I am in total agreement with you when you say that 'Divine inspiration comes from a deeper place within us." In terms of being a creative being, I was merely pointing out that once we begin to understand our relationship to the Divine as co-creators, we can then harness this reality by the way we think and view the world around us. Scientifically speaking, my point was merely that if our thoughts are powerful and creative we should take special care to create and manifest according to the desires we have. That is of course as long as they serve the greater good of all concerned.
Thanks Clem. Very well said.
This makes perfect since. Your words ring true in my spirit.
Hey Clem, great to hear from you too! Finally have been able to release my mind from University assessment to a far deeper truth! I also am in ageeance with your comments. A teacher I once had called what you are describing "The Hero's Journey" which all the great Teachers have undergone and completed in one life time to tell their story, their truth. They have been able to remember their greatness and return to source in order to help and teach others who they are in truth. For many of us it takes many lifetimes (or has done through the ages) but now their is a great shift enabling far more people to access their Divine presence in form. However, our existence is still polarised into an energy field that teaches us through conflict and pain (on multi levels). But as I see it we have so many helpers in Spirit waiting for us to ask for assistance and as you say they are accessed in the stillness of our mind, theShamanic Journey is such a gift. Great Spirit can only access and give us our truth when we choose to still our thoughts and feelings in order to 'hear' 'feel' 'see' their messages. We are all Pure Creative Spirit connected to Source through all time and space. This is not the problem, our problem as I see it, lies in our fear of facing pain (which in itself is a perception) but seemingly very real to our human -ness. Love is the key, as The Buddha explained Compassion of all living creatures and our awareness of how our energy impacts on EVERYTHING throughout space and time. Love and LIght always.....
Thanks for the clarity Michele


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