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Excerpt from my book "Awakening the Harmony Within" (the "Mind Mastery" chapter):

"Fully embodying the belief that we create our reality frees our consciousness range from self-imposed limitations. This is the first step of the path of Self-Mastery – the mastery of the Mind. We become aware that we are responsible not only for our actions, but also for every thought we have. We then recognize that we must become disciplined in tracking these thoughts to their conceptual origins, and facing head on our fears and misconceptions.…


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Excerpt from my book "Awakening the Harmony Within" (the "Structured Water" chapter)

"...Structured water is the water which is in harmony with the Universal Blueprint, it is the “water of Nature”. If you pour water into a mountain stream at the top of the mountain and then collect it at the bottom, the water is structured. Structured water is free of memory. The main contingent in a molecule of structured water is life force energy. The water molecule has the power, the individual authority to uphold life, and that is to cleanse it from the things that are adverse to life…


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A Call for "Unified Prayer" Worldwide Sunday 09.08.13 12pm Wherever You are NOW

“Unified Prayer” Hello all, I don’t know if you have also noticed but there have been a lot of calls for prayer and for uniting in prayer worldwide.

Here are just a few examples:

Neil Donald Walsch

Larry Dossey

Power of…


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drink it

from Septic Tank Practices by Peter Warshall:

As industrialization intensified, western civilization became more and more alienated from the body's plumbing and its connection to Nature's pathways. Instead of eating, defecating onto the ground, fertilizing plants with feces and eating again, we simply reach behind our backs and pull a little chromium lever. Instead of defecating onto the earth we sit on a toilet full of good drinking water which…


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Russia Offers Fukushima Cleanup Help as Tepco Reaches Out

Russia Offers Fukushima Cleanup Help as Tepco Reaches Out

Russia repeated an offer first made two…


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Planetary Grid Projection


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A Pilgrimage up Mt Fuji 08.08 2013

A Pilgrimage up Mt Fuji 2013

I Survived Myself!

I am here again in one of my favorite countries just after returning from Mt Fuji ascension journey. The purpose for this “Pilgrimage” was to offer prayers for Mother Earth, Japan, and all of Humanity. The goal was to start at the first Jinja, Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen-jinja Shrine and pray at each one all the way up to the top of Mt Fuji. My mantra for the journey was a combination of words I used on my first journey in…


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My Heart and Prayers are with Japan

Nuclear Fear ~ New Clear Fear

Hello WVZ Common ~ Unity (community) and anyone else who comes across this blog. I am here currently today in Tokyo Japan, sharing with you an email from a close dear friend. She let me know that there is an increased concern over the nuclear situation here and they are holding a prayer gathering from 7-8pm Tokyo time tonight July 30th, so please offer your prayers today some time or join in with them as I will at 7-8pm tonight. As we approach the…


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Move or Not to Move? Life Choices - How do you know what's right for you?

As I get settled back into South Florida the past month relocating headquarters personally and professionally for PALS AROUND THE WORLD and my energy healing practice, many thoughts have flooded my mind about how to express change and how others too can know when its right. 

Though my move took some people in my life 'by surprise" - it shouldn't.. As change is part of my unique path and is part of others too.. and change is good when you…


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The Taurus Solar Eclipse: The Entrance of Abundance

Cal Garrison

is a good friend of mine and a great astrologer if you ever

need an accurate astrology reading. Here is her facebook link:…


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How to instantly tell who's evil vs. good: the philosophy of 'control' vs. 'empowerment'

How to instantly tell who's evil vs. good: the philosophy of 'control' vs. 'empowerment'

by Mike Adams of Natural News

(NaturalNews) I get this question all the time from readers: How can we…

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Adama: Compassion & the Center of the Galaxy


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The Hemp Car Forced off the Road Know the Truth

Henry Ford’s Hemp Plastic Car is 10X Stronger

url-2 When we think of cars we think of gasoline, steel, pollution, etc. Well, maybe you don’t, but that’s what comes to mind for me. Even…


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Greetings from Dharamshala, the home and seat of government of the exiled Tibetans and the “interim home of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.”

I spent 11 days in Dharamshala in the first half of February, 2013. I quickly grew to really appreciate the mountain environment, clean air, and wonderful people; Tibetans, Indians and visitors from all over the world. I wanted to attend the Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad to be able to bathe in the Ganges on one of the auspicious bathing days and the one I could get to was on the 15th of February. After a great experience there (that story will come in the not distant future), I…


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the best laid and learning

The Best laid plans… living and learning


My plans were to be in Rishikesh for one week, arriving on a Saturday and departing the next Saturday. I had been told that there would be busses leaving daily from Rishikesh towards Dharamshala, my next destination. A few days into my week in Rishikesh, I went to check out the arrangements for the next leg of my journey. I went to the area where the “upscale” busses depart and talked to a man familiar with the options. He said there…


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Ear cleaning along the Ganges!? What?

Howdy folks!

I am still staying in the Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh, India.

I got up at 4:40 am today, went to one of the meditation/all purpose halls, did yoga for 15 minutes, then meditated for 45. Part of the time there was chanting going on; there were about 15 others in that hall this morning. I had the chanting as "background music" to my meditation. That is the same hall where I go for a 2 hour satsang…


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Magic in Rishikesh, India

I am way behind on my reporting, but wanted to get this off. I'll work to catch up a bit in relating my wondrous adventures in this incredible land...

My travels from Delhi to Rishikesh went perfectly smoothly, thanks to great extent to the wonderful ladies at the US Embassy School travel desk. I arrived in Haridwar, the nearest train station at around 12:15 pm. I met two other travelers looking to share a taxi or ride to…


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"Straight From The Heart" Talk Radio Interviews James Horak, 2 Hour Special

"Straight From The Heart" Talk Radio Airs On, The #1 Internet Talk Radio Network On The Planet... Which Will Be Airing Every Saturday at 3pm Pacific ~ 6pm Eastern... Just Go To and Click On the "Station 1" Button... Then Scroll Down To The "Media Player Links" and…


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The Benefits of DNA/Theta Healing .. and the topic of boundary setting during these changing times

As part of the healing process, I recently spent part of the holidays going through a series intensive advanced DNA healing and trance work to connect to my "inner-child" and to do some more tune-up healing work. The holiday time is a great time to do this, as it helps to stay focused on my path and to work more on releasing the emotional abuse from childhood.

A need for this was triggered on December 14th - the day of the Newtown shootings. Having started PALS AROUND THE WORLD, a…


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