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A Call to Action... How to help clear the problem of fear and loathing in the world...this is the work of David Spangler

Hello to all... posting this because there are some good ideas one can work with to help the planet over all and especially just now in this country there is so much unhealthy energy floating out there on emotional and thought levels. David Spangler has a clear way of communicating how to create a healthy atmosphere so I wanted to share it with you.

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A Call to Action: Fear and Loathing in the World
David Spangler

This David’s Desk comes ahead of schedule. I am writing it in response to a pressing concern I am feeling about world conditions and some inner perceptions I’ve had in the past few days. I am also responding to a request from my non-physical colleagues for help that only we in the physical world can offer. I am sharing it with you in hopes that those who are interested and motivated can join with me and other Lorians in acts of subtle activism.

As I mentioned in my last David’s Desk, since taking a sabbatical from teaching classes, I’ve been deeply immersed in working on a series of books. When I do this, I tend to withdraw a bit, giving my attention to my writing and the inner work that accompanies it. As a consequence, I’ve paid little attention to the news this summer or to the controversy boiling in this country around health care reform. But what I’ve been unable to ignore are increasingly turbulent conditions in the subtle realms adjacent to the physical plane. To do some of my work, I need to push through these adjacent realms to make contact with my inner colleagues and allies who reside in realms further away in the greater ecology of Spirit. Normally this is not a problem, but lately it’s been like trying to take off in a small plane in the midst of a thunderstorm. It’s doable but it takes more work and energy on my part.

Needless to say, I began paying more attention to what’s been going on, catching up on the news and widening my connections and observations on the subtle realms. The following is the result of these recent investigations, and you must evaluate them on the basis of your own insights, attunements, and beliefs.

The subtle realms adjacent to the physical world generally mirror thoughts and feelings that are present and active within the collective energy field of humanity. As such these realms always contain elements of pain, suffering, fear, anger, and hatred for unfortunately these emotions and energies are still part of the human condition. Anyone learning to access the deeper spiritual realms learns to recognize and deal with this material and not be caught up in it while still radiating compassionate energies in response. And during such times of stress in the human community that wars or economic upheavals can bring on, the amount of negative thought and emotion can certainly rise. In paying attention to these adjacent realms, I expected to find these energies there given what humanity is currently going through.

What I didn’t expect to find was the level of intentionality that was at work roiling the energetic waters, so to speak. The deliberate use of fear and anger to manipulate people is an ancient technique that has become highly refined in modern political and economic arenas; we almost come to expect it, especially during heated political campaigns. But this intentionality and the feel of desperation behind it felt unusual to me, reflecting a depth of animosity and resistance to change extending beyond humanity itself. And it appeared to me that both physical and non-physical beings were behind it, each struggling in its own way to preserve its way of being.

For years now there has been a gathering of energies within the spiritual realms whose intent is to stimulate humanity’s evolution towards a state of greater planetary awareness and wholeness. Indeed, I have felt the transmission of this energy and inspiration in various ways all my life; my personal response to it was to leave college and my training in molecular biology when I was twenty and become a freelance spiritual teacher. The purpose of this energy is not to make change happen but to enable humanity to find within itself the power to partner with spirit and with Gaia to respond positively and effectively to the changes that are already unfolding. If a wave of change is upon us, this spiritual force enables us to surf that wave and channel its force in ways that bless ourselves and all life upon our world. Failure to do that will leave us tumbling in the force of the wave, victims of a civilizational “wipe-out” of potentially catastrophic proportions. The world will not end, but we can be left bruised and gasping upon the beach of the future amidst the wreckage of our hopes and expectations.

We have not wiped out yet, but we need to make course corrections if we hope to ride and channel the wave. And both these corrections and the new world that can emerge from them will not favor many of the ways that humanity has learned to consolidate and express power over the past millennia. In some cases, this is simply a matter of needing to overcome habits and inertia, but for those who live in these deeply entrenched grooves of thought and behavior here and in the subtle worlds (and in one way or another, this includes all of us), such change can be wrenching. And for those who actually derive power and sustenance from these old patterns, whether in politics, economics, religion, or society—as well as those inner beings whose energy substance is maintained by the negative emotions generated by these older patterns—change can be life-threatening.

The outpouring of Light from the spiritual worlds cannot be blocked as such, at least not at this point in humanity’s evolution; too many people are responding to it all over the world in a multiplicity of ways. But it can be delayed and distorted. It is not enough that individuals alone receive this Light even though that is of incalculable importance; it needs to be received and accepted by our collective national, ethnic, religious, and racial consciousnesses as well. It needs to be received by humanity as a collective field of energy.

And it is this field that is being roiled in such a way that the incoming energies have a hard time anchoring and grounding themselves in effective ways. Think of a young person covering his ears and singing nonsense sounds in order to prevent hearing what a parent is saying. Think of trying to sink the support pylons of a bridge into land that is being turned to soft, slurpy, liquid mud, giving very little that is solid for the pylons to rest on. The subtle energetic realms adjacent to the earth are relatively fluid in the best of times; in the worst of times, they can become churned up.

And they are being churned up now in deliberate ways. We have to be careful here not to play a blame game or say the problems in the world are all the cause of dark forces or evil overlords at work behind the scenes. Fear is abroad in the land, and fearful people are quite capable of generating negative energies. In various ways, any of us may contribute through our fears and angers. But one does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to realize that there are men and women of power, as well as their counterparts within the subtle realms adjacent to the earth, who will lose that power if humanity rises beyond its selfishness to promote the wellbeing of the earth as a whole. My impression is that they are feeling desperate, pulling out the stops energetically to maintain the status quo. This is not necessarily even for evil motives, for there are those on both physical and non-physical levels who honestly believe it’s in humanity’s interest to stay as we are. Think of parents who do not accept their child has grown up and wish to keep her or him at home and under control “for their own good,” even though that child is well into the time of accepting the challenges, responsibilities and freedoms of adulthood.

In saying this, I am risking inspiring fear, particularly in those whose imaginations are populated with images of evil forces at work in the world. But that is precisely what we cannot indulge in for it is fear that is the tool of those forces seeking to delay or divert the inevitable. Evil is spread on the wings of fear; it is those wings that we must clip.

There are clear things we can do. For one, we can be aware that we really are in the midst of an epic struggle. For another, we can avoid characterizing it as a battle between light and dark; to do so is to trivialize and distort it; it is more complex than that. It is not a battle but a metamorphosis, a growing up and leaving behind childish ways. It is an organic process involving humanity, Gaia, the spiritual and subtle realms, and the Sacred in a wondrous alchemy of transformation and emergence.

The third important thing to do is to bring to our personal and global situations our love, compassion, and forgiveness on the one hand and on the other the courage to stand in our sovereignty and refuse to be shaped and defined by fear, anger, or hatred. We need to stand our ground and not let those who are shaped in the moment by fear and anger advance. We embrace them as lovingly as we can but we do not give ground.

Think of it this way: a battle implies adversaries, winners and losers, conquerors and victims. Those are the categories humanity has lived with for millennia, and they are more than outworn now. They are dangerous. Instead, we need to think the way a caterpillar thinks as it transforms into a butterfly. The cells that formed the old structure of its body are not enemies to be defeated and cast out by the new shape; they contain the very life force and substance from which the new will be built once they surrender to the alchemical miracle of metamorphosis. In this time through which we are living, we may and do have opponents but we do not have enemies. Everyone potentially has something vital to contribute to the new body that seeks emergence.

This process is a soul-size challenge worthy of everything we can bring to it. We are not without tools in doing this. We not only have the rich traditions of compassion, forgiveness, loving, and communion found in all the world’s spiritual traditions, but we have new insights and tools such as non-violent communication, conflict resolution techniques, new insights into self and sovereignty, and the tools of subtle activism or intentional work upon the energies of the adjacent subtle realms. What we need are the knowledge and willingness to use these tools and to reach for them first before grabbing the more familiar responses of anger and fear.

When we do this, even if only in the context of our personal lives, we nourish a calming field of collaboration with spiritual forces that can spread out into the subtle worlds, becoming part of humanity’s overall response. The simple fact is that we do not act alone; even in the power of our individual sovereignty—indeed, especially in that power—we are in resonance and connection with the whole of humanity. A personal response of refusing fear, hatred or anger towards those different from ourselves and refusing to participate in the spreading of such hurtful thoughts and emotions makes a similar response easier for everyone else. We support each other energetically, pulling each other towards the Light. If there is intentionality in the world to further resistance and to promote darker alternatives of energy, then we can just as powerfully provide intentionality to move in more loving directions, towards peace and compassion, listening and respect. We can intentionally promote the Light, and when we do, we find we have powerful allies, for that intentionality puts us, as they say, on the side of the angels who are pulling in that direction with us.

Included in this David’s Desk is a simple exercise in subtle activism, but it’s only a start. It’s up to you to determine how you can respond to the need of this moment to radiate energies of peace, compassion, and courage into the world. As I say, there are many tools available to us to bring love to our world. We simply need to use them.

The next David’s Desk will be in two weeks as usual as we resume our regular publication schedule.

Thank you, and blessings.

Subtle Activism Support and Forum
Subtle activism can be as simple as an honest prayer from the heart; it can be as complex as learning to invoke, hold and direct subtle energies from higher spiritual realms. If you want to explore it or some of the concepts in this essay, I invite you to check out Lorian’s new self-study modules, which you can find on our website. In particular, the ones on energy hygiene, the non-physical worlds, and subtle activism may be useful.

If you would like to explore the specific concerns of this essay more fully with me in an interactive seminar format, I am offering an online forum,
Call to Action - “Fear and Loathing in America: Inner Perspectives and Response” beginning September 11, 2009, lasting for nine days.

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