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'A note to the Brotherhood of Darkness and dispair'

In Unity you are part of me so I accept your presence within and around me.

I thank you for pushing me, controlling me and keeping lost and disconnected in the past, it served it's purpose.

Over thousands of years you have managed to keep the learning field a struggling battle ground, where my seed of Universal connection to All Life has been undermined, raped, killed, drowned, burned and made seem worthless. I thank you for doing this as it has purified my heart, it purified my soul so that now on every level of my being I know who I am and where I come from.

The connection you were out to destroy in this experiment we all chose to partake in has been a long and challenging path for my heart, my soul and all the lifes i have lived within this matrix. You did well, you made it hard, you made it impossible, you have used every tactic and form of manipulation possible to disconnect me and all my fellow earth people from Source. You have shown us the darkest of darkest, the most evil of evil, I have lived through it and I have survived. Despite of your torture, your torment, your hatred, your mind control, your misuse of power, your dark wrath, your dark desire to control all Life, to control all souls involved in this experiment, despite everything you tried and you tried so well: I have come to my awakening.

Without you this would not have been possible, for without the pain and suffering I would not have known what my heart deeply longed for, that within me there always lived the connection back to the Source, of which i am one. Perhaps you thought you could win, perhaps you really believed in the experiment, perhaps you were so involved in your cause for soul destruction and the creation of a Reality separate from the One Reality that you actually believed you stood a chance.

As you continue today on my Earth, on my planet to reap havoc, war and destruction I observe your actions, your ways of manipulation and deceit. I am in full awareness seeing what you do to the collective mind of men on my Planet and I breathe. I want you to know that I know who you are, I see you. I can see how you work and I know that you are fighting still to win this battle between you and the Light of the Universe.

Upon my planet your power and presence might seem strong as you use fear as your energy guide. Let me tell you this. And I suggest you listen carefully as I speak these words.

Me, my people are standing up, rising to our truth as Earth, our protector, guardian and Divine Mother is calling us home and we are walking away. Away from you, away from your reality that holds no truth, no viability to sustain itself even one second without the deeply rooted underlying universal template energy called Love. As we walk away from your matrix of destructive illusion we tune into a reality of Love, support, unity, health and happiness. This we do through our hearts. The birthing place of our soul, the place where you have no rights, no place and no access.

Our heart is the sacred connection back to source and only love, unity and harmonic resonance frequencies can come through our heart. With that said, you have no place in my reality anymore as you have no permission to enter, ever. My connection to Mother Earth guards the entrance so I am divinely empowered to speak to you and say:

Enough. Drop your pursuit of global mind control, because the heart is leading us home. My people will awaken quickly and though you may be able to drug them, disrupt their thoughts, poison and mislead their desires, I say you this:

I AM AWAKE AND I WILL LEAD MY PEOPLE HOME. Into their hearts into the light.


Say this to yourself and know that your are protected, guided and released from any bondages put upon your mind and its energetic signature: I am ready now, I am awake. I am of Light, I am of Love, I am of Unity and the bullets of your brotherhood of darkness shall no longer pass through, for I AM awakening to my truth. In my truth your attacks are useless, your mindcontrol efforts are futile. As i discover my heart again I know where my journey leads to again. back to love, back to light, and i thank my Mother Earth for awakening my heart.

HOWEVER, as i am in Unity I will learn to embrace you and as I accept your existence, the reality that is still out there, I dissolve your illusions. Turning them one by one into acts of kindness to awaken the heart of others. This I proclaim: The Time has come, bring on your tests, your hate, I dissolve it all because I AM ONE and I am divinely protected.


In love and service to the awakening of the Human Heart, In deep love and connection with my mother Earth.


I am ready to follow Mother, lead me home, teach me the songs of my heart, lead me through ceremony with you, i have much to learn, the time is dear, and I have so much to heal, thank you for loving me always. Thank you for lifting me up. Thank you for connecting me with the teachers that have risen to their strength already. I know with them we can do this, we can turn the tide, embrace all realities and blend it into a brand new one, one we have not lived here before on your ever abundant planet.


Namaste, I hope this strengthens your hearts awakening do Share this with the world, freely and completly, anywhere. Ctrl A, Ctrl C and Ctrl V anywhwere on the web, the collective mind.

On the Solstice and Full Moon build a fire with the Earth!/event.php?eid=182121571805319&index=1

or Tune in from within your heart to the Earth and the New Grid:!/event.php?eid=171808576184651&index=1

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