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Solstice and the December Full Moon: The Closing Gathering of 2010

It will be full moon during this Solstice and for all of those who already tune in during the Full Moon, on the night of the 21st light a fire. It is time that you honour your sacred ability and birthright to hold ceremony and work with the Earth, talk with the Earth be in close connection with the Earth.


If you have not made enough time or are longing for a completion for 2010 on your spiritual path your gathering will probably propel you into a new wave carrying you through 2011, ensuring that you are connected and empowered for the time of turbulence that is still ahead of us. Through this work you will anchor within you the awareness of the ascension of humanities consciousness, you will be connected to Spirit on levels that we have not experienced in a group before. It will sanctify your path as up to date and allow you to 'short cut'/bridge some of the inner development or growth that you might not fully have given your much needed attention to.

We hope you will gather in groups, let friends know you're intentions for this day, send out invitations, let it be the start of new connections. You are free to hold your ceremony with Earth and Spirit in any form you feel good with. This work is about you, your path, your connection to our Mother. If you would like to gather inspiration because this is might be the first time you hold ceremony with Spirit the following can be used as a guideline but is for from limited to such, be creative, follow your heart, trust your divine knowing:

Ceremony With Earth and Spirit

In preparation of the night, collect fire wood. Burn your favorite incense, candles or oil lamps, find some dried white sage to smudge or throw onto the fire. White Sage has been used for thousands of years in ceremony and holds within itself the energy patterns and information to clear space, clean energies and prepare a location for opening of the dimensional veils. By using sage you are invoking the heart and love of all Earth workers, shamans and medicine women and men that have gone before us. We don’t have to know how this works, Mother Nature knows.

Build your fire in a place that resonates. Find an open space, be sure you can see the Moon from where you sit. When your fire is established listen to your heart or intuition as you ask about the theme for your fire. What does the fire want to share with Earth through you? This can be musical playing, singing, chanting, crystal grid building, laying out a medicine wheel, flowers around the fire, perhaps you are inspired to just be and connect to the Earth. It is beneficial to bring some of your sacred objects to this ceremony they will get charged by the fire as well as being bathed in the Full Moons energy. This is all real and it all works. This is about your path, your connection, this is walking the New Way; listening to your heart, the images..

Connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky

If you haven’t done so yet, go within and feel the love that you have for Nature, feel the love you have for all of Nature. Envision this place you love, that you know, feel this love, feel this place. Now that you are in a state of love you put this love in a little ball in your heart and you sent it down to Mother Earths heart and wait. Wait for the love of the Mother to come back to you. She will always give you her love. Once you feel this love let it fill your body, let is move around and fill you completely.

As you stay in connection with Mother Earth focus your attention on the Great Sky, the stars, the universe, the galaxies, all life other than the Earth. Imagine the Milky way, the moving of planets and the intelligence that dwells within everything that we call the Universe. Feel the love and amazement that you have for this place. Feel the love you have for Father Sky or Great Spirit, know that you are his or her child, an intimate part of the grandeur of ALL that Great Spirit is. When you feel this love rising, again put it into a little ball, in your heart, and send it straight into the heart or centre of the Universe. Distance is nothing here, but you could also send it to the centre of our sun or your favorite constellation of stars. Simply know that your love is received and wait.

Wait for the love of your Father to come back to, this love always comes back as you are a child of this Universe. Visualize this love coming back and breath it in. Breath it through your body and let it fill your whole body. Feel the reality of this work. You are now connected in Love with Mother Earth and in Love with Father Sky. According to the indigenous people of our world this is where ceremony starts; when we enter into a direct relationship with Mother Earth and Father Sky, in love through our heart and we feel the connection we are grounded and in touch or attuned to continue work. They see this step as essential, without it you might think you are doing great things but it is all illusion. Only Mother Earth and Father Sky can allow you to open the fields and it can only be done through love.

You are now ready to start ceremony and are free to do whatever feels right, we hope you are with a group and can share stories, feelins, dreams and vsion. Ceremony is opening the veils between realities, communicating with Earth, working with energies up above. If this is your first time connecting with Life in this way, just be, stay in that connection with Earth and Sky, breath that love through, send yours back again and feel the flow starting. Enjoy this space as we do not come here often. Listen to the sounds, thoughts, images or intuitive urges and follow along. Life is great, life is beautiful, life is you and you are me.

In Lak’esh Ala K'in

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