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(updated 20.5.10)

I have read a few things recently and find myself drawing a conclusion which I think might need swift and effective action by all of us…

• To begin with, the 13th June to 11th July sees a unique planetary alignment where Earth will be sideways to the Sun and a line of 6 other planets, ending in a total eclipse on the 11th July. This formation is said to open a window… (see and other sites for more info.)

• Additionally, there is a convincing suggestion made that on 17/ 18th July we, as a collective race, are urged to choose “Unity Consciousness” over our old divisive ways (see article by Carl Calleman: ). “I feel that without the manifestation of such a shift in consciousness the world will sooner or later come to an end. People with a dualist and separating consciousness are somewhat like cancer cells in the body of the Earth with little regard to its larger whole and would eventually generate a collapse of its ecosystem. Only a shift to unity consciousness will forever stop the unchecked exploitation of the Earth and on a deeper level make us understand that we are part of creation and need to live in harmony with it. But will such a shift just happen automatically?"- Carl Johan Calleman, Stockholm, 11 Ahau (March 7, 2010).

• Then, just the other day I read that following the unsuccessful attempts to reach agreement at the Copenhagen Climate Summit, another group of some 35,000 government representatives and other people met in April in Bolivia, at an important gathering where a Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth was drawn in draft. (More information about this can be found at these pages (and others you can source yourself): and ).

Without setting out my reasons at length here, I cannot help drawing the conclusion that we need to urgently and quickly spread awareness of this Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth and give people the opportunity to voice their agreement with its essence within this window of time between the 13th June and 18th July 2010, so that a point of CONSCIOUS CHOOSING can be reached by Humanity, and we can positively move forward in unity thereafter. This is a sorely needed and urgent thing, as we all know and feel, whether at a conscious level or deep down in our bones.

I am proposing that we create a Focus upon this UNIVERSAL EARTH RIGHTS DECLARATION, and that in the weeks from now to the June/July window, we spread the word like wildfire of what we as a people endorse. I would envisage that we could set up a central website where a count could be kept of people endorsing the Declaration, or at least it’s tenor. (Stay tuned).

I am told by certain Spirit Guides that an agreement or unity of 3 BILLION or more people (at least in their hearts if not on paper) is URGENTLY required in some way in order to effectively save the Earth from our self-created destruction.

I am rapidly drawing the conclusion that this Declaration is THE ONE AND ONLY THING that could have a chance to galvanise Humanity and create an opportunity to reach agreement across continents and ideologies, and that it must be adopted by the people swiftly NOW, lest the moment be missed.

I seek your urgent response and feedback as to whether you also feel a part of this mission.

More details of the articles referred to can be seen on my (Helen’s) Creative Devotions Fan page on facebook:


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