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Earth Update - Now's the time to do your thing!

There is much talk afoot about increases in natural disasters or manmade ones - shifts of the Earth’s magnetic alignment - great solar flares and outbursts from the Centre of the Cosmos sending their emanations to us and awakening our consciousness – Earthquakes – Floods - Warring cultures – Uprisings  (& New freedoms emerging) -  Radiation spreading (and now vibrations of love and peace)  throughout the waters of the world -  Birds falling from the skies in…


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Watch this please and pass it on!

Something we should all hear, see and think about - Please take the time to view this short clip and choose what YOU would seek and focus upon in your world:

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A Proposal for Urgent Consideration

(updated 20.5.10)

I have read a few things recently and find myself drawing a conclusion which I think might need swift and effective action by all of us…

• To begin with, the 13th June to 11th…


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Meet Evo Morales...

If you haven't seen him, please have the pleasure of meeting Bolivia's first indigenous President and my vote for President of the World! Evo Morales... go to this Utube clip:

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towards 2012...

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? The Question Mark

We’ve heard a lot about spirituality and metaphysical subjects, yet to a large extent they seem very hard to apply to our day to day lives – it’s like they exist in another world, which we only have partial access to, sometimes, late at night when the moon is just ‘so’ and the mood is a little bit spooky or expanded. The problem we often face as basic human beings is of how to take these concepts, as taught by the wise sages and put them to use at the office, or when the kids are screaming, or… Continue

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