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Earth Update - Now's the time to do your thing!

There is much talk afoot about increases in natural disasters or manmade ones - shifts of the Earth’s magnetic alignment - great solar flares and outbursts from the Centre of the Cosmos sending their emanations to us and awakening our consciousness – Earthquakes – Floods - Warring cultures – Uprisings  (& New freedoms emerging) -  Radiation spreading (and now vibrations of love and peace)  throughout the waters of the world -  Birds falling from the skies in their tens of thousands and sea life washing up dead on beaches in equivalent numbers -  Chem trails poisoning our skies - Gas Corps poisoning our water tables – Haarp projects that we know so little about affecting our weather, waters, skies and Earth – a Comet (or is it a dwarf star/ planet?) in our Solar System that is affecting magnetic pulls and will be closest to the Earth by September/Oct  this year–  People seeing TWO SUNS in the sky - Tsunami’s - Disruptions – Increased UFO (and secret man-made) ships sighted - Time’s acceleration – Futile Global Warming Conferences ...and Big Money interests becoming more and more blatant about how they step on and crush Life and the little guy... and that’s just THIS year!


Rather than rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic while trying to deal with all these things individually, a call is issued to each of us to join our minds and hearts to create a new resonance to arise out of this throughout  the coming increases in discord and mayhem.


We must remember that for things to change, as they sorely need to do, things must change. The changes in the Earth at this time are, in part, Her necessary efforts to throw off the causes of imbalances that have been inflicted upon her... (um...yeah, that’s us). The more YOU come to the party co-operatively the less the changes need to hurt YOU.


The end result we need to create is one where we value and co-create with the Earth, rather than allowing the toxic, harmful and largely secret practices that have taken place under our noses and right in front of our distracted, tired and blinkered eyes, to continue.


You may be one who has always left the thought on these sort of topics to “other people” out there, but now the call is for YOU to become aware of what is going on and bring the power of your thought, intention and heart energy to bear on the situation. If you are not one who gets “out there” and makes your voice heard in the world, that’s ok, because the paradigm we are shifting to says that you can make your voice heard “within”That by sending out ongoing repeated bursts of love, hope and healing from your heart to everything around you, that you will contribute to a positive shift in frequency and resonance that is taking place all around you.


The times ahead will become more and more bizarre compared to the life we have known up to now. The stable grounds we based our reality upon are shifting, even being swept away, beneath our feet – both metaphorically and literally. It is hard to not sound Doomsdayish about it all and the big point is TO NOT CAVE IN TO FEAR – but to be prepared for things to get more and more different, as they change and hopefully bring our Planet back from the brink of destruction we have shepherded Her to. In short, at this point, if you don’t care too much about the Earth, don’t be surprised if She doesn’t care too much about you either. It is time we ACTED LIKE we know what effect our life choices are having on the soil, the air, the waters and All Life . NOW. 

There is an ongoing Water Ceremony hosted by Dr. Masaru Emoto which we could all take part in easily.  Here’s the link:!/home.php?sk=group_175204815862449&notif_t=group_activity  Every day a new message is put there for people to send thoughts and prayers to in a simple way that we can all contribute concretely towards. Such ‘group mind’ activities are what are needed now to attune to a new vibration and bring about miraculous healing for the Earth. That, and individual activity – whatever it is that YOU DO – what you CAME HERE TO DO – NOW is the time to DO IT. NOW.


There is another You Tube clip that I feel is important for people to be aware of too. It describes how the trees are so much more than we give them credit for in wonderful and amazing ways. I encourage everyone to watch this and act as if it were real, because IT IS:



Through our thoughts and heartfelt asking, we can come together across time and distance now, to make an urgent and important difference in these coming days. This is what that feeling inside you is trying to tell you. Know it and ACT like you do. It will not ‘wash’ for anyone to continue on as if everything will stay the same and hope it all goes away... there is MORE to your life than just that. Time to realise this now, ok? If your communications equipment should go down, remember to tune into the Earth and the energies of the forces around you for strength and guidance - now’s a good time to start practising that more.


Helen M. Downs

Author of A Handful of Seeds

8th April, 2011

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