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We’ve heard a lot about spirituality and metaphysical subjects, yet to a large extent they seem very hard to apply to our day to day lives – it’s like they exist in another world, which we only have partial access to, sometimes, late at night when the moon is just ‘so’ and the mood is a little bit spooky or expanded. The problem we often face as basic human beings is of how to take these concepts, as taught by the wise sages and put them to use at the office, or when the kids are screaming, or when the in-laws are fighting, without sounding like a total whack. While it is the case that a lot of spiritual practice is carried out in the privacy of one’s own space and mind, it leaves a lot to be desired if it cannot be applied to one’s external environment to some benefit. ‘Frequency’ is a word that has come up several times for me in the past weeks. It is used to describe the level at which one’s personal energy is vibrating. A low frequency would depict one who is emotionally down, depressed, or caught up in troubles or negativity. A higher frequency is gained when one lifts their emotional levels to happier or loftier places. Perhaps surprisingly to some, a higher frequency can be brought about by increasing feelings of sexual stimulation. Feelings of ecstatic liberation are of high frequency and can assist to put us in touch with our depths and truths of existence. Try this, for instance: Take a few moments. Relax and close your eyes, (well, no, read this now, but imagine yourself relaxed…) breathing comfortably. Forget the world for the moment. When you feel comfortable and at ease, picture someone whom you find highly desirable (I like to suggest George Clooney, if he’s your cup of tea but anyway, you get the idea, choose your equivalent) and imagine them smiling lovingly at you and making meaningful eye contact with you and only you, in a really pleasant way. This should feel good. Let it feel good. Let the good feeling stir the cockles of your heart, so to speak, and expand that good feeling so it washes over your body in as stimulating a way as you can muster up politely, in the privacy of the space you are in. This feeling of ecstasy (however created) can lift your vibrational frequency and make it harder for negative thoughts or patterns to attach to you or your immediate environment, essentially clearing you and the area around you, over time *. Used without negative intent or connotation, this lifting of frequency, consciously applied, can help to clear and uplift the vibrational frequency of the Earth and her people which is perhaps worth us all bearing in mind, at least for the moment.

* I like to call this the “George Clooney Method” and sincerely request that he endorse the practice (for the good of the Planet you understand.) Provided it is used purely, sincerely and in goodfaith… In exchange no doubt, a goodly portion of this energy and these ‘good vibes’ would in turn, be winging their way right back to him – if that’s okay with you George? This leads me to my next point about what we might call negative entities and thought forms. As I understand it at present, these are the amorphous energies that flow from our anger and fear and all other negative emotions and thoughts that we personally pollute our planet with, on a daily basis. They do not ‘just disperse’ or get ‘cleansed away’ by the Earth.Like attracts like and they take on a form of their own and attach, like parasites, to the nearest, strongest or most convenient source of more of the same vibration. Do you know people who seem unable to tear themselves away from an argument or a put-down opportunity? Who love to pick a fight? Who are compelled in non-beneficial ways? Chances are they are being ‘preyed upon’ by unseen ‘entities’ or thought forms, driving their actions towards the negative ends that feed these entities. High frequencies can help to dislodge such entities and to protect from new ones adhering. My husband writes and speaks of the beneficial use of salt (Sea Salt) to assist in clearing away the energy frequencies of negative thought forms, or entities that you would prefer not to have around you. Oh yes… apparently we choose, or attract these entities in some ways, by our intentions, even at levels that we are not consciously aware of. They may well be there to help us or hinder, depending upon some level of our intent. Use salt by gargling it if the throat area feels affected, (or in fact in any event, for any part of the body). And bathe in sea-salt water or a bath or basin of clean water with sea salt added. Even try a hand wash or body wash of salt and water as a freshener when heaviness or changed physical, mental or emotional condition is noticed. Perhaps with time, we can learn to identify which of the gazillions of our passing thoughts or emotions has managed to attract that which comes to the door of our consciousness at any given time… with practice. We can become aware of what we think and what we therefore attract in response. You think these concepts are strange and not related to our everyday world? Try for a moment, changing how you look at the concept that I have called “entities” and replace that word with “human energy vibrating in a particular way or frequency and having an effect on the feeling or the atmosphere around it”. Here’s an example of it, as applied: At home once, I noticed myself while clearing a space, whose neatness had been sullied by something non-life-threatening, like, say, clothes dropped on the wardrobe floor. As I picked up the clothes I felt myself resenting those who had dropped them there and momentarily wishing something less than the best for them. Then I thought: “Hey, this feeling of resentment of mine (at least in theory) actually has resonance and is now being projected into this dark wardrobe space around me, like a ‘ghost’ of this feeling, in the air. So anyway, to put a long story short, I saw for myself how negative (or indeed positive) thought forms can ‘carry’ in the air, or the ethers, and when grouped together, begin to create an “effect”. I figured that it’s worth mentioning this notion here, as let’s face it, we are all doing this – putting out ‘vibes’ positive or negative, from moment to moment, and it is something that it wouldn’t hurt for us to be aware of, even on an occasional basis, so as to allow ourselves to improve the quality of the vibrations we are putting out around us, and into the atmosphere. I’m not saying anything new or earth shattering here, but maybe it is being said in a way that helps us to translate it into our moment by moment life? Global Warming is a big issue that I find awkward to ‘connect’ with. We as individuals are asked to deal with the “Small Things” like recycling or using different light bulbs, versus other things, like the thousands of screeching smoke stacks on big manufacturing companies yes in China, but also in places all around the world and from the multi-gazillion motor vehicles on the planet with their emissions… and the thing with the rainforests… and warlike attitudes, and the multitude of large-scale and seemingly unstoppable things that are out there making each human being’s quest for a peacefully and healthily-maintained Planet, so seemingly unattainable. I don’t think that it is unreasonable for the average person to deep down, feel overwhelmed and powerless in relation to issues of the Earth’s and our own survival, and to feel that in real terms, what little we can personally do will not nearly be enough. I strongly suspect the fear and panic underlying our collective psyche is really one, as Star Trek’s Scotty might have put it, of: “She canna take it Captain! She’s going to blow! Ye canna change the laws of Physics!” Perhaps so, but Scotty could always pull an ace out of the hole. There is one thing we really CAN be aware of and importantly, that we can INFLUENCE. That is quality of the thought forms we are releasing into the atmosphere, entertaining on a moment to moment basis, or allowing or creating in our personal space. Are we generating and exuding negative emotions such as guilt, fear, rage, resentment, indignation, anger, hopelessness, despair, hurt, sorrow…etc. (you get the picture.) OR are we contributing to a general atmosphere of clarity, calm, co-operation, expansiveness, joy or whatever? Where we feel unable to control the negative tones in our lives can we and do we seek and obtain help for that, to improve it for ourselves and others? On some level, where thoughts are things and one translates into the other (oh, just trust me they do!) … if there was some miracle whereby we saved ourselves from the hopeless predicament we’ve all gotten ourselves into on a world-wide scale, then perhaps this would be how it would come about… by people being aware of the frequency of the space they hold or create around them at any moment and maybe by them co-operating to clean it up. Then we could perhaps focus on creating the one thing that deep down, most of us (?) feel we could both desire and agree upon: “To create a space of peace to safely be one’s self, with freedom and due respect for and from others, causing unjustified harm to none and enjoying a modest but desired level in the living conditions of one’s life.” Is that basically it? Do the above words or sentiments express in some remotely-close way, what most of us in the world’s population, could say we agree upon that we want for ourselves, our lives and for this Earth at this time? (Think your vote here). I can’t write this story AFTER you answer me on that one, so I’m going to proceed on the basis that you agree (at least in general principle) with these assertions: • That we would all like to have a shot at creating it (something close to the highlighted statement above); and • That if we can all agree on this as an underlying commonality from somewhere beneath the torrents, whirlpools and flows of our multi-cultural, multi-dimensional, multi-grained world, then • we might have a decent shot at creating the atmosphere or frequency of that statement for ourselves as a Planet. I write these words on the evening of the day of the historic Inauguration of President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the USA. I believe the world is now holding it’s breath to see what he will do next; what shall be his defining actions? In doing so, however, we may all be missing the point. As Obama himself said in his speech, it falls upon each individual to make the difference. In some ways, the difference has ALREADY been made. It happened when the majority of voting and other people agreed between themselves that this man, at least in the concept and symbolism about him, somehow represents the best picture available to reflect the positive changes we would like to see in the world… Both in the United States and in the world at large, people celebrated this Inauguration like no other, because they saw it as a symbol of exercised choice towards the belief that positive change CAN HAPPEN and can be created by the people’s intention. It is what WE all choose to do now that will carry the ‘momentum of the moment’ forward. There is a huge ball of hopeful energy out there right now, waiting to be applied in ways that will bring insight and benefit to the world’s well-being. The way we as individuals can best apply ourselves now is to clear the emotional spaces around us to engender clarity and peaceful co-operation in attitudes and to release, dissipate and transmute negative emotions that arise within and around our personal spaces. These are big strings of words, but I know that you know what I mean. It seems to me (at least for the moment) that perhaps all we can do effectively to help our Planet and ourselves is that we, the people who want to enjoy “peace” or any other particular condition, should actually create it in frequency and tone, in the emotional spaces that surround us: in the small pieces of the world that we each individually occupy and interact with. This is the only place we can have influence… in the HERES and NOWS in each of our lives. …Which leads me back to George Clooney. At times when things are tough or in a negative cycle and our personal tone is in need of lifting and higher vibration, I urge us all to go back to the exercise set out back at the top of this article and “think of George” (or your preferred alternative). Use this or your own methods to generate strong and good feelings and frequencies. Bathe yourself in these higher frequencies (and in salt water from time to time) and mentally bless the Earth with these positive and uplifting tones… I don’t think it would hurt if we did that. Do you?

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