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Although the Return of the Ancestors was not completely well known to the mass public - there were approximately 600-800 people in attendance with the elders who came from all over the world. Though not greatly advertised – we were lead by spirit – through our hearts as ALL of us in attendance felt a personal calling in our soul to be there. On a personal note - there was a big spiritual push for me to attend this monumental event from a life changing experience in January -2009, a few months earlier.

In January, I had attended Drunvalo's Flower of Life workshop in Miami. I was about 4-5 days into the workshop and Drunvalo was leading us into his sacred meditation of the heart where we went deep into trance. We were about twenty or thirty minutes into the mediation, when I could hear the faint sound of flutes playing and an Indian Elder suddenly appeared in front of me dressed in Indian garb and long braids. When I looked deep within his soul, I recognized him clearly as my grandfather Albert in this lifetime. His first words to me were "Welcome Home. I've been waiting for you." It made me cry as I continued on this unbelievable journey. Next, he took me inside his healing teepee made of buffalo hide and showed me various instruments on the wall used to heal the sick. Next, he kneeled next to me as he lit a fire. Afterward, we kneeled together in prayer as he sprinkled ritualistic herbs over the fire and we waited for a sign from spirit to start my initiation. Slowly it came - large puma/cat like eyes appeared in the sky that signaled that it was time for my grandfather to initiate me into his work. Yes, it was clear that I had regressed back to a sacred lifetime when I was being initiated as a Hopi medicine man by my Hopi grandfather! I saw myself side by side with my grandfather and together we ripped disease from three different patients. The details I saw at this point were amazing to me and the elements of disease we removed from each patient showed up crystal clear in the body – and easy for us to detect. One patient had snake coils in the intestine area, another had magets and a third patient had what looked like beetles crawling around their forearm. During the initiation surgery with each patient, we removed the disease through spirit with our hands (a form of what felt like pranic healing).
After coming out of deep meditation, I was trying to make sense of so many things…. Since synchronicity and signs validating past-lives are always associated with my journeys to other lifetimes when I do “traditional past-life regression” work - I tried to make sense of what type of signs would show up now that I was out of trance. But this journey was different– this trance like meditation was so deep and so realistic- unlike anything I had ever experienced. I wasn’t just traveling to another period in time - but sounds and smells were brought to the forefront on my journey as if I was relieving the experience. Three days prior to this meditation, I had flown to Miami and everyone for some reason was named Eric. My rental car agent was Eric, my hotel clerk was Eric. I went to dinner my first night in town, and the waiter was named Eric. I never meet anyone named Eric in a long long time and all of a sudden they were everywhere!!! . I thought about the Erics in my life and only knew my cousin Eric who went by Rick ... and my brother’s best friend named Eric, but within only a few minutes of coming out of this meditation with Drunvalo the "Eric" mystery was solved. Drunvalo continued his lecture after our meditation and started talking about Grandfather Eric - the last living member of the Hopi Bluebird Clan - and I instantly grew numb. It just clicked and I knew - my grandfather and I were from the Hopi Bluebird Clan. Going back in my memory bank I had always collected the Bluebird since I was a very young girl and I had always kept a glass bluebird on my writing desk. In addition, one of my favorite movies was a Shirley Temple movie from 1940 called “The Blue Bird” which was always special to me. Although the movie was a box office bomb and considered a "poor imitation of the Wizard of Oz' – I loved the film, as it touched on reincarnation and the “in between” process - something I was fascinated with - even as a little girl. An important part of the movie for me was when Shirley Temple's character contacted her grandparents in the sprit world after they died - something I instinctively knew I would be doing when I was an adult.
As time went on - my grandfather Albert who died in this lifetime when I was only 8 years old - appeared again this past spring shortly before I was leaving for the RETURN OF THE ANCESTORS trip. Mysterious and quiet, yet powerful - he showed up at 3am waking me up out of a sound sleep with the beautiful sound of a flute playing in my ear and telling me not to worry - through signs of birds and other images.
The beautiful sound of the flute was like a hypnotic calming effect to relax and quiet my mind, and he let me know that I would have the money needed for this trip.
Despite his reassurances, I was still not convinced, and woke up the next day very preoccupied about the expenses for the trip. For months, I had put myself on a strict budget and had stopped all vacations and frivolous expenses so that I could launch my children’s book project for charity. Miraculously, my CPA Jay called me the next day to let me know that I had over-paid my taxes last year and that they were refunding me a few thousand dollars - just enough for the trip. My grandfather was right!
Leading up to the trip, my grandfather Albert led me through several synchronicities showing me how important it was for me to be at the Return of the Ancestors. (Too many signs in fact for me to mention - since synchronistic events occur on the hour for me!)

The Hopis were scheduled to lead the last days of the ROTA ceremonies on Hopi Land, which ironically ended on April 29th – the day of my Hopi grandfather Albert’s birthday in this lifetime.
Scared and unsure what I was doing chasing a bunch of indigenous elders around the dessert, I just knew from spirit it was the right thing to do. My parents continued to label me certifiably crazy – but I knew very clearly there was a purpose for me being there - and my grandparents (my spirit guides) never lead me in the wrong direction – so I proceeded as planned.

From the first days of Return of the Ancestors, I was not disappointed. Don Alejandro stated that anyone called to be with the elders was a light-worker, called from spirit to assist them in healing the planet.
And it wasn’t just a line spoken – we truly felt it! We were called by the Hopi/Mayan prophesy -the “rainbow warriors” - those called by spirit to spread their message of wisdom and healing in order to help heal mankind and mother earth.
All of my fellow attendees felt this in our hearts and bonded on such a deep spiritual level during this trip. We not only grew spiritually from being with the elders, but we also felt the spiritual ascension - with enormous amounts of healing, unity and love budding inside us. As we left ROTA, Don Alejandro mentioned that we would feel super-natural events occurring at an accelerated pace.
For me personally this happened as early as the first few days of ROTA - with unexplainable supernatural events occurring
One such occurrence happened during a day off – when a group of us attempted to go to a secret cove near Red Rock National Forest. Though we had maps and planned a private excursion - word on our tour bus spread like wildfire and the next thing we knew - we had a caravan of five cars tagging along with us that day.
My friends who met me from Miami: Yvette, Joyce, Ruben and I never found the cove that day - and with so many people with us and daylight slipping away – we had to turn back. However, amazing spiritual messages occurred to let us know our trip was special... especially some personal signs for me from the spirit world.
For example, two yellow/black swallowtail butterflies from the Qing Dynasty – my sign from the spirit world when my maternal grandfather CHANG shows up –made their appearance. As you can see from my photos – it was amazing - as he ALWAYS shows up on my vacations to let me know he is with me. At first, he circled our group three times. But to show this sign was personally for me, - the one butterfly then circled me alone three times again before landing again by the second butterfly – (SEE PHOTO) followed by a swarm of bees (50 or so) that swarmed around me… This freaked out my group of friends. Especially Yvette and the others who know about my connection to this special yellow butterfly from the Qing Dynasty and that my family nick name is Bee. It was the one day I really connected to Chang on this trip.

Supernatural events continued to occur in other ways too. I was starting to really bond and connect with the Hopis – some of whom would mysteriously showed up in my path -one older grandmother in particular appeared out of nowhere at a supermarket one day in Tuba City near the Navajo reservation we were visiting. She had "kaleidoscope" like eyes - that swirled from grey-blue to brown. I had never seen anything like it. I turned to my friend Magdalene and said "Did you see that! Did you see her eyes! We were both in awe of the experience - as she singled us out from the others to ask for help and show us a sign from spirit. Knowing that the Hopis are from the stars and star people – it was not surprising. No wonder I had “starrtalk” as an email – there was a synchronicity to everything!
There was also another older lady on the trip, who knew through ESP that she needed to connect with me and appeared behind me – startling me one day in the woods. I was alone by the lake where I had wondered off during our lunch break from our ceremonies when suddenly - she appeared behind me out of nowhere. IT was as if she was Scotty from Star Trek and someone had beamed her up!!. This mysterious woman called herself BlueStar and had politely invited me to drive with her to pick up Grandfather Martin – one of the Hopi Elders from his home so that he could attend the gathering – as the last three days were to be led by the Hopi Elders – one of my main reasons for connecting to this event. Somehow, I knew instinctively not to connect or go with her - since I knew deep down that I was not supposed to connect with Grandfather Martin. I did not mean any disrespect, but I politely declined BlueStar’s invitation, as it didn’t feel right pursuing this – even though it was considered an honor to be asked to pick up an elder. When my grandfather finally reached me through spirit a few days later I learned that my instincts were correct. – Grandfather Martin was a Hopi Elder - but he was not from my clan or my mesa – and therefore, not the person I was supposed to connect with on this journey.
Another day, another unexplained experience occurred after our sunrise ceremony with the Elders at the Grand Canyon - Hopi land. Given that my Hopi lifetime was newly revealed - i knew nothing about their culture and had bought Frank Waters "Legend of the Hopis" to read on the trip to officially catch myself up on "my people." While taking in the panoramic view and the deep canyons below –I told my friends that I somehow felt it was “not respectful “ to enter the bottom of the Grand Canyon – as I felt instinctively that the bottom part was the underground – the world- where we as Hopis came from before entering this world – something I learned later from the Hopis to be true.
What transpired next through me for a loop! It was the day before April 27th - "the Day of the Dead" - a day when we were supposed to have the most cosmic energy in the universe to be able to reach our dead ancestors.
After having lunch at the Bright Angel, my friend Magdalene and I decided to explore a small quaint gift store on the edge of the Grand Canyon – one that was desolate and free of any tourists or crowds. Out of nowhere, a Hopi woman appeared behind me and startled me. She was dressed head to toe in Indian garb with braids – and like the others, had appeared out of nowhere! She said to me: "What do you want to know about the Hopis" - it was "as if" she had x-ray vision and could see right through me! She somehow knew I was connected to them and she knew instinctively that I was looking around Hopi soil for answers. I politely explained to her that I had recently connected to my Hopi Grandfather who led me through spirit to be at the Return of the Ancestors and that I wanted to learn more about the Hopis now that I discovered this lifetime. She asked me where my grandfather and my grandmother were born. I immediately explained that they had passed away years ago – but she dismissed that – and so I told her - "my grandmother Anne or “Anna” as she was called - was born in Buenos Aires from Russian decent and that my grandfather Albert was from Northern England. " She gazed at me for five seconds before she said "Aha.. That’s what I thought – you are the person I am supposed to connect with.” I looked back at her puzzled, trying to make sense of her comment. Next, she asked me to hold out my hand and gave me what looked like corn starch to sprinkle somewhere special before leaving the Grand Canyon to "give thanks" –as the Grand Canyon is Hopi land. She also said I could give a little of the corn starch to my friend, Magdalene who was with me. As one can see from my photos - Magdalene and I were coincidently wearing Navy, Red and Black that day - Hopi Colors :) I parted ways with my new Hopi friend and she told me to look for her the next day at the ceremonies. The next day was April 27th - "The Day of the Dead" - the day we would have the greatest ability to connect to our deceased loved ones. She explained that she was welcoming people specifically from Northern England and Wales (where my grandfather was from) and explained that where one is born - determines a lot about where a person is from in previous lifetimes – and that she knew I was the correct person she needed to connect to based on where my grandparents were born – because it validated the Hopi connection.

Since I already talk regularly to my deceased Grandmother Rose (my maternal grandmother in this lifetime who was my Lakota medicine grandmother in a previous Lakota incarnation) - I knew instinctively that April 27 - the day of the dead - was very important for me.
Days passed – and still no word from my Hopi grandfather Albert. I was starting to become anxious. I really wanted to hear from him since we were on Hopi land and the trip was almost over and still not a word. Although several Hopis I encountered told me they could feel the presence of his spirit, and knew my purpose for being there - I was beginning to lose faith regarding connecting to my grandfather and the Hopis at all on this trip.
A few of my travel buddies from this trip who shared their experiences – Andrew and John serendipitously connected to Grandfather Martin – and while I was happy for them – I knew he was not who I needed to connect to. Late on the 26th, my grandmother Rose came to me in meditation and explained that my grandfather had been busy working through the hearts of the Hopi Elders to resolve the internal conflicts they were having – but that he was now ready to come to me if I called him out in my meditation.
So the next day, the morning of April 27th I got up early to meditate at 5am and was able to reach my grandfather. I knew I had attended for the right reasons as my grandfather assured me that I would finally connect on this day to the Hopis I needed to connect to from our clan. He also told me that we were both a Bluebird and a Bear Clan member. I thought this was strange that we could be from two different clans. Yet sure enough – the Hopis validated a few hours later that this information made sense - as both clans came from the Second Mesa and that it was quite common to be from both! Shocking to me – since I knew nothing about the Hopi culture.
Ruben Saufkie- the Elder from the Water Clan generously spent a good forty-five minutes out of his busy day connecting with ROTA attendees to share some personal one-on-one time. He explained the Hopi background and culture to me –but what was most special, was that he saved one of the most beautiful of all the kachinas – a Viking horned owl/broad faced kachina that is the spirit protector –overseer of all the other kachina dolls. It was an honor and very special to me - as it was handmade especially by Ruben’s clan. This treasured Kachina made me feel truly protected and connected to the Hopi people. It signifies protection over the other kachinas and over the children – so as a children’s author – it was truly special to me to have for the children. It especially represents the deep bond in my heart I feel too for the Hopi people. On this day, I also was able to finally connect with Grandfather Eric – the last living elder of the Bluebird Clan. Knowing that he represented the last in line of the Bluebirds made me feel very emotional meeting him for the first time. I felt like a “blubbering idiot” – as I immediately bursting into tears – as my purpose for this trip was to connect with our clan – and it was finally happening. He was the kindest sweetest man and a very gentle soul – one I hope to have the honor of studying with in the future – so that I may learn more about both the Bluebird and Bear Clan and my Hopi heritage.

April 27th - the day of the dead was special on many levels. Upon arriving to the ceremonies that morning, I was surrounded by people connecting to the Hopis – people from Northern England/Wales where my grandfather was from and people from Buenos Aires where my grandmother was from! (30 people from B.A. arrived that day) I also met a young Lakota woman with her two children. Her name was Stephanie (like my first cousin’s daughter Stephanie Rose who was named after my grandmother Rose) This Stephanie had two beautiful children with her. An adorable little girl named Starr Rose- who had a “Rose” embroidered on her shirt and her young infant son.
Signs from all four of my grandparents showed up on the 27th – to show me they were present– so many signs that I knew this trip was opening up the possibility for our loved ones coming back to us one day.. I am sure of it. It was a very special experience – and gave me personal “hope” and positive expectations for what is to come with 2012 and the shift. It is by sharing this story that I hope too, that people reading this truly believe in the possibilities of our ancestors returning to us one day and understand it will eventually happen.

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