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Sedona 07.03.08

This is a Visual Art & Dance Installation created impromptu at the suggestion of Dancer Amelia Iba'nez while I was filming for
Remota lodge in Patagonia, Chile.

Her suggestion was to go to the nearby sheep slaughter house which is now a museum and to film her improvisational installation and see what would come from co-creating a piece together,
"Off the Cuff."

I love when that idea comes up and people can just flow with the heart, choose by heart.

That is what it felt like, 2 artists creating with the heart, from their heart.

Then meeting Lux of FoxGluv in June while filming a seminar in Sedona. She just walks up, gives me a Ninja Nuggett and her CD and says that I am welcome to use her music for any of my work, and that was from the heart also, Nice.....

For me this is the example I have been carrying as the Vision of what
World ViewZ would be.

To connect Like Hearted People,
so that the more people that are connected by giving from their heart,
the more people would be giving from their heart and be connected.

For me this "piece" is 3 artist's putting their heart & soul into their work, always having to face the challenge of balancing "One's Life Work", passion and how to be supported in that endeavor.

The place where I find strength to continue "My Life's Work" can only be found in the heart.

The title " Sacrificial Lamb" came as I was jokingly playing with words, but it does fit.

The push and pull we are all feeling
of this "have to~want to"
world we are all living in and the ironies of doing what
"we have to"
in order to get what
"we want to".


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